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I am Juli Velazquez, President & Founder of I.S.P.I. (International Society of Paranormal Investigators), Editor and Chief of the Haunted Herald former CEO of Paranormal Underworld. I am independent writer being featured in such publications as Haunted Times Magazine, Haunted Indiana and Ghost Magazine. I currently travel across the country to locations alleged to be haunted, where data and evidence is collected in my quest for proving the afterlife. I have had two near death experiences, knowing first hand that there is more to death, than what we can see. As a result of crossing over, I have been blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudient and clairsentient (Empathic) being one of my strongest senses. I utilize these gifts in assisting authorities in locating missing persons, in the hopes of bring them home. I am also a professional Genealogist and title researcher (in the title industry) specializing in deeds, abstracts and vital records, for the late 1800 – 1900’s, holding fast with experience since 1987. I am a former owner of a Queen Anne Haunted Victorian, which has been featured in various newspapers and the subject of radio shows across the country. I have had reoccurring appearances on WCIA News (NBC network affiliate), and the Comcast Cable series (Paranormal CPR) bringing paranormal awareness to the general public. I am a Chicago native, comprised with knowledge of the local folklore and legends as well as the tragic history that surrounds the Windy City. I concentrate my investigations on the history of each location, for it is the foundation on which the haunting is based. I have been known as one of the leading researchers in two way real time spirit communication, and hold the honor of being second women in the world to own a Frank’s Box. I was elected one out of nineteen paranormal investigators across the country to beta testing some of the latest technology in paranormal equipment, the Paranormal Puck and Ovilus . I have had the unique opportunity of investigating famous haunted locations such as the Sallie House, Mansfield Reformatory and Waverly Hills Sanitarium, touching on the darker side of the paranormal. I have been witness to demonic entities, and have suffered physical attacks during my quests. I am an advocate for education in the paranormal lecturing and teaching classes to those interested in the supernatural. I am the paranormal spokes person for Ashmore Estates and I believe by educating those who are interested in the history of the haunt will enhance their experience and knowledge further advancing our goals in obtaining scientific proof that there is life after death. In addition, I am currently authoring several books in the paranormal as well as being featured in an episode or Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, movie "The Possessed" on SyFy and Children of the Grave I & II. It is a chance to see first hand the many accomplished female investigators who are not intimidated by scientific equipment or
technology used in this field. Most of us are all strong willed women, very passionate, dedicated and extremely determined in producing results. Therefore stopping at nothing in pursuit of our battle on the front lines of a new Paranormal Revolution!
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