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Change Cultivator | Econologics Coaching OD-WST-AI-TEAL | Think, act and lead WITHOUT the box! Promoting 5P's of sustainable thrivability
Change Cultivator | Econologics Coaching OD-WST-AI-TEAL | Think, act and lead WITHOUT the box! Promoting 5P's of sustainable thrivability

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Date: June 30 & July 1, 2017
Timing: 18:00 – 22:00 or as long as there is ambiance
Location: pop-UP ARTspace by @ARTconnectsLIFE
Chr. Pallemansstraat 110
(across Beukenhof)
Kapellen, Antwerp, Belgium


We invite all local artists and art groups from Antwerp and North Antwerp to participate

Lytos & etching, painting equipment/materials & art books
Music, drink, snack, pleasant networking
For those who have a musical instrument bring along for the ambiance
Invite your art friends and colleagues, students and aspiring creatives to be involved
Retrospective exhibit @Lidwina Smeets
drawings, paintings, pastels & aquarelles

#Kapellen, #Antwerpen, #België
FB event:
FB page:

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Opening exhibit fine arts by #LidwinaSmeets
50 years art retrospective 1965-2015

Date: June 9, 2017 – 19:00
Location: pop-UP ARTspace by #ARTconnectsLIFE
Chr. Pallemansstraat 110
(across Beukenhof)
Kapellen, Antwerp, Belgium

RSVP with number of attendants
via event on FB page
or email to

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Where the heart sings, experience island flavors of art, design, hospitality & gastronomy!
Art & lifestyle happenings, festivals & biennale

taste.CEBU – experience island flavors

Concept & Design for taste.CEBU
Arts, design & creatives, blend in one progressive lifestyle festival

+ intro to ARTronomy – art & gastronomy touring
Hospitality with leisure, entertainment & arts – more than the traditional holiday!
+ intro to arts & creatives ROADMAP of Cebu (WiP)
Local, regional, national and international networking across the art disciplines.
+ ARTconnectsLIFE support & business partnerships
+ Call for Proposal to the Cebu Creatives Sector
Offer for taste.CEBU, CebuARTSdistrict and Cebu Arts & Creatives Roadmap.

Presented by ARTconnectsLIFE & @ARTpreneurs
in collaboration with ecoNOVATE and ViVaTicA

Staging Cebu’s vibrancy for the world to taste
Be part of a unique festival as the Cebuano flavors unfold

taste.CEBU – experience island flavors
Live the creative people!
TASTE Cebu’s creative lifestyle!

Weaving the Cebuano talents with the global stage of the arts!
Getting to know and value the artist or designer behind their work!

ARTronomy – art & gastronomy touring, more than the traditional holiday
= gastronomy + art celebrated
A new way of choice from backpackers to high-end resort & leisure tourism, picking up on art and culture what Cebu has to offer.
Enjoy island hospitality with art, design & cultural flavors!

ARTconnectsLIFE developed the Cebu roadmap for the arts & creatives, reflecting affiliations and local, regional, national and international networking across the art disciplines.

Call for Proposal to Cebu creativity sector
taste CEBU, CebuARTSdistrict and Cebu Roadmap for the arts & creatives are made available for further progress to a collaborative effort of Cebu-based organizations, authorities and art communities.

CEBU, where the heart sings, experience the island flavors!
taste.CEBU & CebuARTSdistrict
artspaces | festivals | biennale
happenings – fiestas – galas – proms - jamborees - fêtes

#arts, #tastes, #flavors, #artists, #artSPACE, #artDISTRICT, #artGARDEN, #artCOURTYARD, #artPAVILLON, #artSTREET, #ARTinthePARK, #artFAIR, #artHAPPENING, #artFIESTA, #artFIERA, #artGALA, #artPROM, #artJAMBOREE, #artFÊTE, #artBIENNALE, #progressiveFESTIVAL, #islandflavors, #fineARTS, #visualARTS, #performingARTS, #creativeARTS, #communityARTS, #culinaryARTS, #literacyARTS, #design, #architecture, #fashion, #talent, #creativity, #artSTAGE, #artCELEBRATION, #gastronomy, #hospitality, #lifestyle, #culture, #ARTRONOMICtouring, #Cebu, #Cebuano, #CEBUcreativesROADMAP, #taste.CEBU, #CebuARTSdistrict, #ARTconnectsLIFE, #ARTpreneurs, #ARTronomy, #ecoNOVATE, #ViVaTicA

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interact with artist to discover your passions!

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Join the community and discover what the creativity sectors bring to the stage.

@ARTpreneurs – weaving arts & creativity
ART connects people, creativity connects LIFE!
creativity and design, inspired with passion

Whether you are an art lover, enthusiast or having an interest in creativity, culture, design and arts, we cover all disciplines from across borders.

Whether you are an established, famous or starting, maybe trying curious, artist, join the community and share your work, performance, events and expositions, shows and educational art classes here at @ARTpreneurs.

an initiative by
ARTconnectsLIFE – ART connects people, creativity connects LIFE
ViVaTicA – ideas for life, soul of life

In collaboration with ecoNOVATE – community driven innovation
assisting the creativity sector and artists along their journey and bringing public and business closer to the creativity sector. 

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Passionate art with your heart, soul and body!

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Art is around and within you! Explore and Express!

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CebuARTSdistrict - inspire through art!
The potentials for the Cebuano and Cebu artists to connect with and create for the world stage of the arts.

How it all started …
Initiated by Let's Do It Philippines & ARTconnectsLIFE

Cebu - Center for Creatives
Sugbo Creative Village
Presented by ARTconnectsLIFE

Creativity connects life!
Speak your mind, your dreams,
your experiences and your ideas

How it all started …
With ecoART 2014-15 Exhibit & Tour
Environment through the eyes of the artist!
Art & awareness towards environmental responsibility and sustainability
Environmental Advocacy, inspired through art
For Let’s Do It Philippines

Listen to your ART!
Let art speak
what the environment has been screaming for!

Cebu ARTS District
Center for the Arts & Creativity
ART connects people creativity connects LIFE

Where art speaks, life starts!

Our Dream-2-Destiny Journey
Cebu an ideal waterfront for leisure, arts & living development
The proposed project is selected among the 3 most innovative initiatives at Dream Expo Cebu 2014.
An initiative by The Dream Project + RAFI + Global Shapers (WEF)

Dream the future we want it to be!
DEFINE & DISCOVER the Journey!
Arts districts change entire city life value!

CebuARTSdistrict – weaving arts & creativity!
Center for the Arts & Design
Sugbo Creative Village
Creativity, design & passion inspired!

Inspire, develop & celebrate creative talent!

@ARTpreneurs – creativity, design & passion inspired
Online community for networking & sharing

Building the community & audience
ART Discipline
- Visual & Fine arts
- Media & Graphical arts
- Community & Creativity arts
- Performing arts
- Architecture & Design arts
- Literacy arts
- Culinary & Gastronomy arts
- Fashion & Accessories
Press, media & blogging
Musea & galleries
Event, festivals, districts & spaces
Art magazines, presenters & auctions
Art curation & education
Lifestyle, gastronomy, tourism & travel
Supporting business & entrepreneurs services for the creatives sector 

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Take a Virtual Tour of BRAFA 2017 with Master Art and zoom in at your favorite artworks at the fair.

Brafa is one of the leading European art and antiques fairs. Here, all art works on show are for sale and quality and authenticity are two of the key requirements exhibitors face. Brafa is an eclectic fair which encompasses a variety of specialities, from antiquity to the 21st century

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London and Brussels Art Events Reveal Challenges of the 2017 Market

The shifting political mood wouldn’t seem to be great news for the art market, whose growth in recent years, particularly at the top end of the price range, has been fueled in part by profits reaped from globalization.

Recent events in Brussels and London have highlighted the changing dynamics of the international art trade. On Jan. 20, an “exclusive viewing” of the 62nd edition of Brafa, the first major art and antiques fair of the year in Europe, was held in the Belgian capital.
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