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I have been busy with reality. Sometimes I reluctantly desolate friends on internet.
I have been busy with reality. Sometimes I reluctantly desolate friends on internet.

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If I ignore a friend I have the ability to help, wouldn't I be betraying him?

- Killua Zoldyck
(Hunter X Hunter)

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I feel so bad when seeing people sharing *obsolete * anime all the time.. all the time sth like goku (keeps brainwashing people). What age is that , Stone Age?
Here to share some modern graphic anime
Made by ufotable
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Observe sacred things with delicate stare.
Highest concentration in the world.
Without getting tired but energized ceaselessly 

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Freedom was dream to everyone

Now that
internet separates people
Economic gap subjugates people
Mindset isolates people
Indeed, It is painful to be alone
Birthdays Festivals mean nothing, since no one is there to celebrate the rituals together.

The word, love, becomes poison to singles (couples have companies , they don't need to be reminded by the word, only singles would "need", but it's futile. It's not like when one says "love is important" to singles and then instantly their status, single, changes to as a couple in love)

Numerous couples divorce signifying that fact love.. in today's society is a joke.

Free (alone) or connected (burdened)

Who could tell the better 

Top quotes community

Someone is keep creating new accounts and spread crafting tattoos on the genital part. ( I don't how many times they showed up, but I feel they are like an inerasable tattoo imprinted in my head now)

This is brainwashing. No matter how resistant a mind can be against the porn content, the repetition sinks into the unconsciousness. And that's no helping it. No good.

I can be sensitive. Or I am more aware of my state now.. brain being abused by a porn tattoo businessman. ( I don't wanna accept it as normal that "tattoo" "genital" is ok = brainwashing )

And I don't know how to solve the problem. I kinda report a lot or at least some of them, directly to their accounts. But the issue still..

It was a good community. I miss ya .

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