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Nominate The Next Green Couch Risk-Taker January 28 th , 2014 The Green Couch Project™  began the initiative to see what it was like to walk an hour or two into another risk-taker’s shoes. And so we invited several, five entrepreneurs to be specific,...

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Project: How To Monday
There are books and blogs on how to minimize, simplify and
love your life. To find your passion and ardently pursue it with little to no
reservations. There are tips, tricks and tutorials for nearly every aspect of
your existent and that of your family, fri...

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Project: Think Inside The Box
Every once in a while complacency sets in the marrow of a company’s bone structure. Things become stagnant, infecting everyone’s ability, forethought and desire to progress. While the same stellar work may still exist and be executed, the evolution of the c...

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Project: Second Chance at First Impression
Networking starts the moment you have a message. An idea, a
dream, something that you want to share with others. Networking progresses when
you realize there are others that have a message that aligns with yours toward
a clearer today and a better future. A...

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Project: Workload Unloading
It could be a hostile work environment. Creative
differences. Financial burdens. Promotions. Humiliating demotions. Onboarding.
Firing. A once in a lifetime risk. The situations and predicaments we find
ourselves in as employers, employees and colleagues oc...

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Project: How to Capture Your Ideas and Capitalize on Them
The brain is an organ with mysteries and untapped resources.
But it’s also like a muscle. The more we use it, the more we exercise it, the
stronger it becomes. But no matter how much we expand the fortitude of our brain,
if we exercise it, if we push it to ...

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Project: The Root Word
Few are the days we discard the alarm clock, trusting the
international anticipation of tomorrow and euphoria of life to keep us awake. But as December 31 st blends into January 1 st ,
as one day ends and another begins marking not just another month but a ...

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Project: Staying Grounded When You’re on The Top
The top. What does it look like to you? Is it a picturesque
lifestyle that can be described in one sentence? One word? Does the top signify
smooth sailing, carefree spending and minions (not of the Universal Pictures
variety, of course)? Does the top look c...

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Project: 6 Ways to Condition Your Clients
When you are in a creative field, you want to give your all to your clients. You want to say “Yes!” because you want to showcase your skills and market their services and products to the best of your ability. But there comes a time when they begin to bulldo...

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Humility In the Workplace
There is a millionaire dollar word missing from the workplace. It is not “deal” or “sold.”  It is “sorry.” Many minor misunderstandings have halted even stopped mergers, partnerships and other proposals because the million-dollar word is exempt from a compa...
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