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(cross posting to reddit: )

Hey friends, I wanted to post a quick update on the Ryuutama licensing situation.

In short, last year, after attending a combination Cafe Daydream anniversary event - slash - Ryuutama-only convention celebration, Okada-san and I (after being asked about licensing) decided to push forward with a licensing option that would allow fans to legally create, distribute, and sell their Ryuutama-derivative works.

At the time, we were considering Creative Commons; I worked with CC stuff several license iterations ago, and thought it was a good fit.

Unfortunately, after reviewing the CC licenses in their current state, without the ability to basically put "asterisks" on some things (basically carefuly sub-rules), we have to back away from CC for now.

In short, we're planning on adopting a license (once we get the wording together in English/Japanese legalese) that lets folks create, distribute, and sell their Ryuutama derivative gaming works. Especially things like



Replays (text, audio, video, streaming)

Accessories and other game supplements

Basically anything that supports the tabletop RPG

The "asterisks" would be:

1) Don't reproduce the rules without our permission (which you'll pretty much get if you ask us; by this we just want to prevent fullscale reproduction of the book... and if you have an idea to do so, like an iPhone app etc, that you just check with us first so we can give the thumbs up)

2) Any media creation not directly tied to the game experience would need direct approval: For example, if you/your company has an awesome idea for a Ryuutama novel, board game, video game, or animated film. You'll get permission if you ask (and likely we'll hammer out some royalty arrangement), but we would want to understand and work out details.

We know, we know; there's very little chance for a multi-million dollar crazy media deal to come out of this. But this *is* Okada-san's livelihood here, and he has been approached in the past by media companies interested in licensing Ryuutama as an anime. So we want to keep that possibility open.

3) No pornography. This isn't a big thing in the US (there's very little actual gaming porn), but in Japan it's kind of a big deal: See The Comiket, the largest comic convention on the planet (indie or otherwise), and basically 80% of it is pornographic derivative material on any manga, anime or game you can imagine, this was Okada-san's rule to prevent stuff like "Ryuutama logo-bearing Blue Dragon kiddie fucking indie manga" from being sold. We don't care what people make and distribute in private. This is basically to curb the Japanese Comike hardcore porn manga artist sensibility of "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" when they see an open Ryuutama license.

In the end, if you read the above and get a sense of what we're aiming for here, we'll say this:

We are SUPER open to folks making and distributing and even selling their own Ryuutama stuff. Until we have an official license in place, we just ask that you contact us first with your idea (and maybe do a little of the work behind your idea, so that we can get a sense of what you have in mind, as well as your work), and we'll approve it.

Especially replays. Holy hell would we love to see fan-created replays on the market.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask here!

My next Kickstarter will be: A collection of 40 sheets of cardboard featuring intricate, detailed board game components that must be punched out.

There is no actual board game there, just the parts to be punched.

I realized the other day that this activity was about as calming/theraputic as coloring in colouring books, so...
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These are the traditional Christmas movies we show at my house:

Five Deadly Venoms (Dragon Dynasty remaster)



NOTE: Black Dynamite is NOT a Christmas movie. It is a Thanksgiving movie.
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12 RPGs for the 12th Month

You're running an RPG to introduce players to the RPG hobby this month. Which game and genre do you choose, and why? Cells.

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TL;DR: I'm looking for links to quality "very low target" (less than $500 USD or so) board game and RPG projects.

Hi Kicksnarker team! I could use your help with something.

This weekend is Tokyo's Game Market, basically a "Micro Comiket focused on board games (80%) and RPGs (20%)". I've been helping a huge Japanese game publisher (Arclight) recently get into the "supporting crowdfunding creators" game (strongly from the perspective of the game designer). Kickstarter is now available in Japan, so the landscape on crowdfunding here is changing a little.

Long Story Short, I've seen a lot of awesome Japanese designers with cool little games look at Kickstarter and think, "I can't do that! Kickstarter is the platform for BIG GUYS making BIG GAMES for a HUGE INTERNATIONAL MARKET... I only want a few hundred USD to make my little game happen. So I'll just use (Rent Money/Cheaper Components/Lesser Crowdfunding Platform) instead...

I'm doing a speech and Q/A, which is effectively a very short "How not to make all the fucking mistakes I've made!", but I want to lean in heavily with a message of **"Don't Go Big, you can just create a little project to get like $100-1000 to make your game better, you don't have to think about "thousands of copies" "English translation and international distribution" etc from the start!"**

To that end, I want to demonstrate by showing a few projects where the designer created an RPG or Board Game project with a very low goal: Not a low goal that they intended on blowing right through, but specifically a kind of "The game is almost done/ready, I really want to do X with it to spice it up, X costs a little more money, and that's why I'm here" sort of thing.

Most of us are RPG people, so I'm looking for both RPG stuff but also board game stuff.

In exchange, I'll take pics and document the experience!


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Women, Men, and BBoy/Freestyle Mashups

So, one of my physical pleasures is dancing, specifically going to House/Deep House events. I also love BBoy culture, particularly popping/locking, and watching trends form and get carried through the culture (two biggest influences of the past decade: Les Twins and Genki Sudo/World Order, but don't get me fucking started).

Anyway, if you have 5 minutes and love the way human bodies can move, continue:

First, I posted this bit before, French dancer Sadeck destroying at the competition: Deserves to be watched on a big monitor if you can:

Anyway, the other competitor, Theodora, we don't see her freestyle. Unfortunate, perhaps it wasn't as noteworthy or whatever.

The other day (when of course I should have been doing other things) I was digging into recent Sadeck vids (they're wonderful, just Youtube search for Sadeck Dance, and especially pick out the ones where he's doing hand-tricks in pairs with friends)...

Anyway, back to Theodora. Sadeck's dance FUCKING KILLS, but still I was hoping to catch her bit. I did not find it, but I did find out that Theodora is a fucking empress in her own right. I'm particularly impressed how she seems to have combined some krump elements in her locking. Anyway, I was surprised and happy to see that Sadeck and Theodora teamed up for future competitions!

That brings me to this right here. Angyil vs Theodora . This right here is some incredible popping. It's not freestyle (it's coreographed), but holy hell so much precision on both sides.

If you like dance, then enjoy!
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Hey all, a quick announcement to the community:

The first official scenario in a few years, "Tragedy in the Kose Art District", is now available as Pay-What-You-Want from DriveThruRPG:

Tradegy in the Kose Art District is a more modular Tenra scenario than you may be used to: Each Scene in each Act corresponds to a different location within the city; you can complete some or all before moving to the next Act. This kind of modularity is perfect for open convention scenarios where time may be a factor, or home games where you want a more open flow of the story.

It's written by my good friend and Tenra torchbearer +Eric Provost, who put a lot of thought into a more open-world experience but still with enough guidelines and backbone to keep it dramatically anchored.

It also features five unique and fully-realized/statted player characters (they can be printed and used as-is right from the book), and has a detailed run-through for each character's Zero Act scene and initial Destiny. Even if you don't play the scenario as-is, the content is worth it for the new characters alone!

It's illustrated by my friend, OSR DIY guru and fellow Yokohama-ite +Claytonian JP (if you like OSR-style stuff or DIY game crafting, you really need to check out his Wizardarium of Calabraxis, available on DriveThruRPG with his other works): He crafted a very Tenra-feeling setting map that can be used for this scenario, or lifted and used in your own city-themed game: We purposely left it unmarked so that you can repurpose it for your own scenarios (or new events within the city of Kose).

Finally, it was edited by +Mike Pureka and laid out by DTP Maestro Diego Menendez from the Spanish RPG publisher +Other Selves (his work is also on DTRPG).

This is just the start of the engine: More scenarios and supplements for TBZ are on their way!

I was thinking about starting a discussion (perhaps in private):

This Frank Mentzer thing: Say that someone (like him) who has absolutely been a jerk, or did a clearly wrong thing in the past, realizes that they truly did something wrong: Not "Oh shit I got caught", but actually (after time, reflection, etc) realizes they committed a horrible act, and want to make amends for it.

What's the road to do so?

What does it take to get people to realize that the person changed?

Does it matter at that point?

(and with the above, I'm thinking both "for the wronged party", and "for the public at large/future communication partners"; because understandably often even if the committer is truly sorry and apologetic after a few years; the offended no longer cares and doesn't want anything to do with the offender (again totally understandable/"shikata ga nai")).

...but even as I was formulating these thoughts in my head for discussion, I realized that in most public cases the offender simply doubles down and goes about their day; so the whole thing becomes a masturbatory thinking exercise like "imagine a 13 petal lotus" or "you only have room in your life raft for one more person and your mother/wife are in the ocean" sort of thing. Alas.
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Six of Crows, recommended to me by Thulasi (Shanti Bhavan Represent, +Ajit George !), was so good that I didn't even mind when it ended super abruptly in the middle of a cliffhanger; just 'boop-beep-boop' and the sequel was on my Kindle and I tore into a few more chapters.

Very compelling characters. I hated the central protagonist until his backstory started coming out, then I loved him. Dammit.

Solid worldbuilding. Lots of cultural conflict and exploration. Great drama. Solid twists. You can hear the dice rolling "7-9s" a lot in this work. Only thing that had me pause was a single, kind of wacky, "Michael Bay" moment near the end.

Highly recommend, if fantasy thieves' guilds/heists dramas are your thing; they've been my thing since 1989's "The Complete Thief's Handbook" 's chapter on "how to run a thieves' guild campaign" advice, complete with an honest-to-god Sorcerer-style campaign "Kicker" microfiction.
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My current major RPG dilemma:

* I love (several, not all) PBTA games. The system perfectly fits my needs and goals at this time in many levels, both as player and especially as GM.

* I love rolling all sorts of dice. d4s, d8s especially. d12s too.

what do
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