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Would you find tips on how to best use fonts in your marketing emails useful? Read on...

Issue 9 of DIY Marketing Graphics is now out!

And this month it's free.

A streamlined version for mobile devices

And available on Android. At last.

We'd love to get some feedback from you so go ahead download the app - either for Apple or Android and let us know.

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Woo Hoo! Not long before we start our adventure..

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I love #Inkscape  ! It's just so flexible, it saves me time because I can edit my master file over and over and it has some fun features.

We showcase some of Inkscape's Text Tool features in this Slideshare.

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Any aspiring Font Tarts out there?

Yep, and that includes me. Here's a nicely bundled free set of fonts. They're zipped with the .RAR format but you'll be able to unzip them with this information -
Unimpressed with your font library?

Download this collection FREE!

Hand-selected font set that'll class up your creations! Download the bundle for free, and pin the infographic that gives ideas on how to use them.

#visualcontent   #freebies   #font  

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You don't have to be a designer to appreciate these gorgeous books. I could buy them all.

But the first one - the Moleskin Smart Book, I'm definitely going to try.

What do you think of them?

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Now available on Android.

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Here's an excellent run down of how to take advantage of using social search to get better rankings.

Thanks for all the work that's gone into this.
The Rise of Social Search (And How to Take Advantage Of It) - NEW
Great post from PYB Academy Member Brian Jensen...

Many thanks +Brian Jensen. Awesome work, as always.

#socialsearch   #socialseo  

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We're making more #Inkscape  tutorials, but what would you like to learn?

Let us know in the comments below. The more specific the better :)

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I cam across this today +Henneke Duistermaat and wondered if you could use this with your drawings? I haven't forgotten about our video tutorial (it is in hand), but I thought this looked rather good.

I haven't tried it myself (yet) but I can see lots of possibilities.

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This looks good! I too can't wait to have a play around with it.
Beyond annotations: YouTube introduces "cards"

YouTube has introduced a new option for linking and promoting content: Cards. Cards are visible on both desktop and mobile devices, and will eventually replace annotations.

There are six types of cards you can add:



Associated website links


Fan Funding

Learn more in the YouTube Help Center:
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