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Fixing kitchen of blind orphanage
Dallas Jackson-Finn looked arround the kitchen and he has plan on fixing this kitchen...... hope will be soon. — with Peter Honey and 2 others.

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Brainstorming on manta ray 'Sea Sanctuaries'
Great Evening & even better whisky with Andrew & Steve from 'Sea Sanctuaries' brainstorming the Manta, Dugong,
Shark & Dolphin killing problem in the Lombok Komodo Region. A
region that very likely could be hold worlds largest Manta Ray
Populations. Why...

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Situation at Tanjung Lau, Lombok
My Real World at the moment... this is a photo
from Tanjung Lau - Lombok, from the good guys from 'Project Aware' -
a few people wrecking a great future for all - as sad as it is.
Presently NPO with founder Ekadana are patiently breaking...

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Ani Budjen's Facial tumor
coming to New Zealand to have her facial surgery with Doc Izzard done in
July - August for 4 to 5 weeks! The whole thing is very daunting and
for her & to simply get on a plane and fly down here to N Z is a pretty...

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Presenting the Outbound Rinjani project
NEXT PROJECT OUTBOUND RINJANI a 1st to Indonesia - Mountain Outdoor Adventure Lodge for Lombok Scouts & Village Kids. "We have a Government Hotel and in July we will starting converting it into a Mountain Outdoor Education Camp for Local P oor
Kids & Trav...

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Tom Gammage's visit of Tanjung Luar fish market
Words cannot describe how shocked Tom Gammage was after visiting the world renowned Tanjung Luar fish market on the 1st September. ive been really busy After working with Peter Honey at our new "Dugong Village' ( ) I dec ided

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Blind orphanage project
FINALLY AFTER A YEAR TOMORROW I FINALLY GET TO MEET A BLIND BOY THAT I MADE A PROMISE TO MYSELF. A year struggling with Ani Budjen's project ( ) was killing me with difficulty, and I had to put this project on hold. At the t...

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Mahsyar blind orphanage in need of help
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO A MIRACLE for someone, this could be it. I will even share a video of your miracle of orphan Zac or one of his 7
friends opening their eyes & seeing for the first time, the next
day after their surgery. Dear Sir Mad am,
2 Weeks ag...

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Legs for Pira
FOR PIRA' UPDATE: 2nd Surgery success! and now back to Dugong Village
to heal and grow strong for her new legs! For all who maybe following
& supporting Pira, (who lost her legs in a bus accident when she was
2 yrs) - all is going wel l & she is i...

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Thank you Martin Honey
AWESOME Martin Honey !!! AYRA is your Blind Orphan! Ayra doesn't know about his surgery yet but with your sponsored $450
Eye surgery he should be able to see for the 1st time sometime soon! I am hoping to be able to get a video of him after surgery
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