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Monica Hamburg

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Note: Background: Canada Post is cutting/eliminating door-to-door delivery. One of the complaints include the fact that seniors will have to walk a fair bit to a communal mailbox. This comment is his response to that.

1) I expected more of Deepak Chopra.

2) His response reminds me of when our public transit service used to have a recording, when you'd call for bus times, which would inform you that "walking to the bus stop" (generally located 10 blocks away from you) is considered a good form of exercise since walking is part of Canada Council of Health's recommendation for staying in shape. Just like when they leave you stranded at night, running from the deranged man pursuing you serves to burn calories.  

(More of my rant on that here: )
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Monica Hamburg

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So misleading! I learned nothing about either Donald or Daffy's predilections.
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Monica Hamburg

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As always, I have found some mind-boggling items on the net. Surprisingly, none of these are from Craigslist.
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The food was near poisonous - but they did deliver it quickly!

(This is such a Canadian restaurant review.)
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Monica Hamburg

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So much goodness on our latest episode! Not only do we have a news story about a revenge for "telepathic rape" - and the awesome +Sam Tripoli guesting - but I also showcase this fellow (see pic) and my Fiverr interaction with him! 

Episode 112 of +Dazed and Convicted 

On Soundcloud:

& Website:

(We’re also on iTunes, Stitcher etc. )
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Monica Hamburg

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I'll be singing this all day now!
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Its been stuck in my head for over a week.
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Monica Hamburg

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Are you on Stitcher? So are we. And we're so wery wonley:
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Monica Hamburg

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I love +Travis Clark:
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Back at'cha +Monica Hamburg! You're the best. 
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As always, I have found some mind-boggling items on the net. Surprisingly, none of these are from Craigslist. This is the premise of a sci-fi book . Unsurprisingly, it has no customer reviews. I wonder if he'll go with Allstate or Aflac? Another story descr...
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Monica Hamburg

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The lovely +GoodPodcasts reviews us.
This time, aurally. ;) 
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I use Google+ to (mostly) post about articles (non-fiction) that have impacted me.  For (mostly) funniness, follow me on Twitter (@monicahamburg, @DazedConvicted), Facebook etc. (more such links below).


Fun Gal, Writer, Podcaster, Actor & Social Media Evangelist.

I am fascinated by weird and stupid things. And I love the internet. (These interests have some overlap.)

  • speak and consult about social media. I've contributed to a number of sites including “One Degree” and also blog about online marketing (although not as frequently as I do about the weird).   

+ I act and do voice-overs.

If you have any desire to learn any more about me the links below should illuminate :)

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