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I'm thinking seriously about moving all my social updates to Google+ and ditching Twitter. Thoughts?
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Not until a real functioning hashtag system is in place. The one Google created isn't remotely as functional as Twitter. That said, i'm here 90 percent of the time now.
G+ is best for conversations. Not necessarily for quick updates.
I enjoy the specificity of the twitter experience, and find G+ to be of a different nature. I visit Twitter much more often because I can browse through more information at a quick glance.
no. admittedly, i mostly use twitter to consume news, to find out what is the most "current" thing that's going on, or to get updates from experts that I follow.
+Don Reisinger I think you would be better off getting ahead of the curve. The day that G* opens the doors to commercial accounts there will be a mad rush from Twitter.
Go for it, or at least add those updates here for the non twitter/fb following crowd on G+ ^^
+Don Reisinger Still waiting for you to post updates and links to your articles. You're doing good stuff but missing the boat on G+.
Looks like you gave up? Anyways, I just clicked through to your name from Google News. If I were you, I'd dedicate more time to my G+ profile, or people will have little incentive to follow you here. I did like your Galaxy Nexus article, though.
I find G+ is more powerful and more efficient for the exchange of ideas. Twitter is mostly a newsfeed with comments. G+ offers all the newsfeed capability of Twitter combined with a forum where it's possible to participate in a serious and respectful conversation.
I feel that at this time both have valuable assets. You may benefit from mirroring content on both to reach different communities until a greater convergence happens, then review your benefits.
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D Allan
It's so EZ to do both why risk losing those followers and getting your News out.
I find I'm more on G+ than Twitter hands down!
Seeing how I just starting following you here and this is one of the only three posts I see.... I guess this never came to fruition
G+ seems better for tech news and is why I dumped FB.  Too many social updates and fake stories from friends (either too positive or too negative).... G+ is the best place for tech news.
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