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10/22/2017 0 Comments

Just What is Icewine?

The Okanagan wine grape harvest is completed for 2017 and the grapes have been crushed to extract the juice soon to undergo fermentation. But not all grapes are harvested. Some are left on the vine to produce world-famous BC Icewine, a very sweet ‘dessert-style’ table wine.

As we mention in Chapter 21 of our book, icewine is a special category of BC VQA and its production is highly regulated in BC in order to protect the integrity of the process and the “Icewine” term. Wineries must be registered with the BC Wine Authority and meet the following requirements before being able to market their Icewine:
Only prescribed vinifera or Vidal Blanc varietals are used, and must be grown and pressed within one of the defined five geographical wine regions of BC (such as the Okanagan Valley).
Grapes must be picked frozen when the temperature is less than -8° C (17.6° F) and crushed while they are still frozen so the sugars are concentrated.
This sweeter grape juice must achieve an average Brix level of 35.0° in the fermentation vessel. Degrees Brix is a measure of the sugar content of an aqueous solution such as grape juice.
No artificial method of concentrating the sugar content is allowed (such as adding sugar or other artificial sweeteners, or using artificial refrigeration).
The Icewine must pass through the BC VQA taste assessment process before it can be marketed as Icewine.
The higher labour costs and risk (birds, diseases, drying, and drop) involved in making a relatively small amount of wine make icewines more expensive than regular table wines. Because of these risk factors, production can vary substantially from year to year. So if you are a big fan of icewines, we recommend you keep informed about the annual harvest to learn how the harvest went. Only about 10-25 wineries produce certified Icewine per year out of a total 272 licensed grape wine wineries in BC.

If you don’t mind being on call to work in the dark at temperatures below -8° C, then you are invited to leave your contact information with an icewine winery before November. According to a local vineyard manager, the vineyards need many pickers in short order to pick as much of the fall harvest left for icewine production as quickly as possible while the temperature is below -8°C. To add to the work load, bird netting must be removed just before the grapes are picked.

How should you drink Icewine? It should be chilled like any dessert wine (about 5-7°C), and served in 60 mL portions because it is so sweet. The dessert should be less sweet than the Icewine, so best to avoid pairing with cakes and chocolates in favour of strong cheeses, fruits and nuts.

As for spoilage, you don’t have to drink Icewine right away. It can be stored up to 10 years or longer, depending on your patience! blog HGP 10-22-17
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Ski Season Approaching, Check Out This Comparison Table:
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Unique Fundraising Partnership Produces Results!

Kelowna, BC – September 22, 2017

The Central Okanagan Food Bank Receives $1200.00 Donation . . . so far . . .

“The authors of the book Moving To Kelowna, BC – A No-Nonsense Guide are donating $2.00 from each of their books sold to the COFB” says Lenetta Parry, COFB Executive Director. “The cool thing about this support is that it is ongoing, and in only 4 months we have already received $1200.00!”

Authors Tim Young and Hugh Philip are already planning their 2nd Edition for distribution in March, 2018.

“I am pleased that Tim & Hugh have chosen the COFB for another year of support, and I hope people will consider buying a copy. It’s a great way to not only encourage people to move to the Central Okanagan, but also to support the needy of our area at the same time”, explains Parry.

Along with the valuable information provided for potential and recent newcomers, this publication includes a list of highly recommended Kelowna business owners who have agreed to offer a discount to people who purchase this book.

o A-1 Boarding Kennels
o Amerispec Inspection Services
o Comfort Tech Heating & Cooling Ltd.
o Creative Advantage Childcare Inc.
o Creative Mortgage Corp.
o Forman Automotive & Transmission
o GTA Architecture Ltd.
o Kelowna Inn & Suites
o Natures Way Cleaning Services
o Rory Fader Piano Tuning
o Sunshine Pools & Spas
o The UPS Store
o Total E’Clips Salon & Day Spa
o Wiener’s Plumbing & Irrigation

The 218-page, 40-chapter print book has over 80 tables, maps and illustrations, and sells for only $14.95. Check out more information at

Contact Information:

Lenetta (250) 763-7161
Tim (250) 859-1485
Hugh (250) 863-4762


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London Drugs is a big chain out West, and they sell a lot of our books. It's no wonder, just look at the display they set up right at the store entrance!
Shout out to Jesse Clipperton, the Kelowna Store Manager who knows how to market a product that his customers want.
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Kelowna Business Climate

We authors are relatively comfortable in offering our insights and opinions on this topic as we have owned and operated quite a number of businesses in Kelowna over the last twenty-five years. These included ventures in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, real estate and the consulting industries. Based upon this practical and hands-on experience, we would like to offer our entrepreneurial readers a few points of advice.

• Kelowna is a sought after destination with a transitioning job market. This means that high paying jobs are few, and many cashed-up entrepreneurs from other cities are on the constant look-out for business opportunities in our area. They are often experienced business people looking for a lifestyle change. This phenomenon just adds to an already competitive marketplace.

• Check your attitude at the door. Personal experience has shown that many entrepreneurs have come from larger cities with a bit of arrogance about them. They are going to teach us little city people how to do business right. Cracking a new market without a business network is tough enough, so try to cooperate, not criticize.

• Do your homework. There is no better way to ensure your success in business than to do an effective job of your market research before you contemplate a start-up or even the purchase of an existing business. The high turnover in the Kelowna restaurant industry is a testament to this suggestion.
• Kelowna is business friendly. Obstacles to opening a business are no more challenging here than in other centers. In fact, the number of business support organizations are many and of high quality. A few examples include:

 Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission
 Accelerate Okanagan
 Community Futures
 Women’s Enterprise Center
 Small Business BC

• Consider picking up a copy of How Much Money Can I Make? Proven Strategies for Starting, Managing and Exiting a Canadian Small Business by Tim Young. Yes this is a shameless plug, but it does cover eight businesses that were operated in the Kelowna market, so it is quite relevant for those thinking of starting or buying a business here.

In closing, one only has to take a walk downtown to feel the buzz. New buildings are going up to accommodate more and more businesses and the employees who work there want to be close to their workplace, shopping, nightlife and the waterfront. The energy is present and the next few years will definitely be an exciting time for the business growth of the millennial generation in Kelowna. Blog 8-25-17 TNY
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Post has attachment is a very helpful (and free) site for those trying to analyse their website performance.
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Will My Family Be Safe in Kelowna, BC?
Information Update

According to Statistics Canada’s recently released 2016 Police –Reported Crime Statistics, Kelowna remains near the top of the list for 2 of 3 crime measurement categories. This article updates some of the data presented in Chapter 15 – Will My Family Be Safe? - in order that you can evaluate if Kelowna policing services have progressed in keeping citizens safer over the past year.

The Police – Reported Crime Statistics report ( 170724/dq170724b-eng.htm) contains much useful and interesting information on the prevalence and severity of crime in all its different forms among provinces, territories and municipalities.

The following table summarizes the statistics provided to Statistics Canada by municipal police departments across Canada. But first, let’s define the column titles.

• Crime rate measures the volume of crime reported to police per 100,000 population.
• Crime Severity Index (CSI) measures both the volume and seriousness of reported crime incidences and has a base index of 100 for 2006.
• Violent Severity Crime Index (VCSI) measure those violations in the Criminal Code identified as crimes against the person.

2016 % Change Crime Violent Crime
Crime Rate 2006-2016 Severity Index Severity Index

Regina 9253 -25 125.8 124
Saskatoon 8942 -26 117.8 114
Edmonton 8131 -16 105.7 102
Winnipeg 6653 -40 103.9 150
Kelowna 8445 -27 100.3 63
Vancouver 7282 -28 94.3 73
Thunder Bay 6259 -29 85.9 126
St. John’s NL 5721 -15 79.2 89
Calgary 5260 -20 74.6 61
Canada 5224 -28 71.0 75
Victoria 5689 -42 63.8 57
Halifax 4663 -46 61.0 77
Montreal 3389 -44 57.8 73
Kingston 4743 -27 55.2 38
Guelph 4496 1 54.6 49
Ottawa 3492 -37 51.3 62
Toronto 2954 -34 47.5 70
Quebec 3000 -36 45.2 51
Source: Statistics Canada, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Uniform Crime Reporting Survey, 2016.

Kelowna dropped from 2nd to 3rd place in the category of Crime Rate, and from 4th to 5th position for the Crime Severity Index. The Crime Rate in Kelowna has dropped 27% between 2006 and 2016 matching the national average decrease. There were 14% fewer violent crimes reported in 2016 compared to 2015 in Kelowna, however property-related crimes increased 6% in 2016.

These rankings appear to make Kelowna one of the leading crime-prone municipalities in Canada. However, when you look at the Violent Crime Severity Index, Kelowna is not in the top 10. What this means is that the higher Crime Rate is due mainly to non-violent criminal activities, and according to Kelowna RCMP, those involve drug sales/possession, thefts from cars (usually unlocked!!) and thefts of bicycles.

The Kelowna RCMP reported to City Council in May 2017, that the number of criminal code infractions from January to March 2017, were similar to 2015 values, over the same reporting period.

Of the 22 cities with populations between 100,000 and 200,000 reported by Statistics Canada, the average number of serving police officers was 143 per 100,000 population. Kelowna compares somewhat favourably (138 officers, 3.5% less) with these similar-sized cities but has room to grow to achieve the national average of 190 officers per 100,000 (27% less).

The Kelowna RCMP detachment moved into its new $48 million digs in June, vacating its old detachment building built in 1962. The new headquarters features modern standards for functions such as evidence, identification, forensics, records, laboratory, cell block, and upgraded underground infrastructure. Blog HGP 8/17
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What's Up? A Book Signing at Kelowna London Drugs??

Kelowna, BC – August 4, 2017

The Authors of Moving To Kelowna, BC – A No-Nonsense Guide are donating $2.00 from each of their books sold to the COFB. Kelowna London Drugs store Manager Jesse Clipperton says that he likes to support local entrepreneurs, and when he heard that part of the proceeds were going to help the food bank, he agreed to host the event this weekend.

Date: Saturday, August 5th
Location: Kelowna London Drugs – 1950 Harvey Ave.
Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


There are pros and cons to living in any city, but it is rare to see the cons exposed. This book covers not only the benefits of moving to Kelowna, but also the challenges. We believe that being honestly informed before relocating will not only allow for a smooth transition, but will also produce happier, long-term citizens.

Unbiased Answers to These, and Many More Important Questions:

• Is it true that Kelowna has a Sunshine Tax?
• Will I be able to find a job?
• Will my family be safe?
• Is the weather really as good as they say?
• Give me a break, what are the challenges to living in Kelowna?
• Is there available and affordable daycare for my children?
• How does the rental market compare to other cities in Canada?
• Is Kelowna business friendly?
• What are ‘the’ best things to do for fun in the area?

Hundreds of reliable sources were researched to create this one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense guide.
“There is no other single source of information that tackles all of these questions on the minds of potential newcomers,” suggests co-authors and long-time residents Tim Young and Hugh Philip.

Along with the valuable information provided for newcomers, this publication includes a list of highly recommended business owners who have agreed to offer a discount to people who purchase this book.

This 218-page, 40-chapter print book has over 80 tables, maps and illustrations, and sells for only $14.95. Check out more information at

About Tim Young & Hugh Philip - The authors are two enthusiastic but realistic residents who have enjoyed living in Kelowna for more than 25 years. They have raised their families in Kelowna, operated their businesses here, and plan to retire here.

Contact Information: Tim (250) 859-1485 Hugh (250) 863-4762


Amazon Reviews

• I'm a long time Kelowna resident and I learned a lot reading this book. It’s a good book for residents to have in the house for their visitors and a must have for anyone considering moving to Kelowna. There is lots of useful comparative information with other cities in Canada. I highly recommend it!

By Amazon Customer, July, 5, 2017 5 Stars

• The book was exactly what one needs in order to make an informed decision about moving to Kelowna. It is very informative and full of helpful information.
By Amazon Customer, June 24, 2017 5 stars

• Having lived in Kelowna for almost six years already, I purchased this book for the numerous yearly visitors I have that always ask "What is it like to move to Kelowna". I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is considering a move to Kelowna, as well as for residents like myself who are often asked these questions by their guests.

By D. McGuirk, May 31, 2017 5 Stars

• If you're thinking about moving to Kelowna, or even if you're just coming for a vacation stay, this is the book for you. The authors' research and writing has produced a concise and accurate summary of what to expect and how to find the resources you will need.

By M. Swan, May 25, 2017 5 Stars

• I'm moving soon so this book is incredibly timely for me. It contains all the data you'd ever want. Thankfully it doesn't read at all like a realtor or the tourism board wrote it. The book is both well written and the authors make finding info on the fly easy by arranging topics in a way which allows for quick reference.

By Grizz, May 22, 2017 5 Stars

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