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Caculating chances
Caculating chances

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Yep yep yep, I can live with a 5D :D

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San Francisco wooot!

Dear Thomas Buijtenweg:

We are pleased to tell you that your paper submission, 118, ATUM – Applying Multi-layer Game Design and Environmental Storytelling, has been conditionally accepted for inclusion in the CHI 2013 conference Student Game Competition. Your team submitted one of the top 3 papers in your category.

 and another finalist position has been reached with #ATUM :D :D :D !!! 

+Marta Clavero 

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ATUM got another review, generating a bunch of traffic on the games website, this also made me realize my French is bloody horrible, and I still don't know why ATUM is doing so well in France, nearly 1/3 of all players is French according to Google analytics :S

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Here's one of the first high resolution images from #MSL  

From: +Matthew Inman 

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Let the exploration begin ^-^
Shadow of #Curiosity on #Mars

One of the first images sent from Opportunity of the landing - the crowd went (and continues to go) wild!

Way to top off a great #ScienceSunday!


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Amazing Guys Plays Wine Glasses

I don't know how this works....but it's awesome. Seriously. Watch it.

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Ok, so how does this make sense .... so if you are male you pay more for female characters, and the other way around ... this may sound like a 50/50 deal, but that only applies to a playerbase that is roughly 50/50 male/female, which in MOBA games is not the case. So what sounds as a discount is actually a "you pay more" especially if you need the gender based hero bonus to be on even ends. Due to the imbalance in male versus female players the female heroes will be less common, increasing their need to be bought by the other gender, in this case the male players having to pay more to buy the less common heroes that are essential for a balanced game.

Limiting your players spending options based on gender ... not the best move imo, and before someone calls "but its a discount!", its not .. its the exact same trick they pulled in WoW. "Rested XP worth 200% that lasts for X amount of time" , this was originally a " minus 50% XP after X amount of time" in effective numbers its the exact same thing, the difference is how you perceive it as a player, rested XP is perceived as a bonus (or discount related to the topic) and minus XP is perceived as a negative effect. In effect your getting the exact same amount of XP.

With the gender imbalance they are effectively going to make more money from male players.

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Do you love building with +LEGO, making robots, or science generally? You will have an opportunity to meet students who have combined their passion for creating robotics with their work and studies.

Don’t miss our Google Science Fair Hangout on Air this Wednesday 14th March, 11:00EST, 15:00UK, 17:00 Cape Town.

We’ll meet Daniel from Cambridge and Kenneth & Lasse from Aalborg University, who are using LEGO MINDSTORMS in their robotics work. We will also be joined by Google Science Fair 2011 Finalist Luke, who will be able to give some tips on submitting a successful project before the 1st April deadline.
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