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Andre Jennings
Blogger, Dreamer, Friend, Lover
Blogger, Dreamer, Friend, Lover

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a poem
Just wanted to share with you all a little poem that has been in my phone for ages. Been meaning to share it with you, as well as the photos. tell me what you think of it, let me know if you would like to see more like this. And as always rate, comment, lik...

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Tumblr Tuesday
There are times that I find really fascinating things on various blogs that I say, I have to share on my Blog. Something that makes me say, i wish everyone can see this, because sharing shows that you care! this is just a series of pictures, that i thought ...

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You Can't Curry Love
Its been a little bit over three years since I have shared this wonderful love story with you all. About a guy who travels to India from London for work and happens to find and fall in love, with a nice handsome guy. As we celebrate National LGBT month in t...

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Trophy Boy Update
A couple of weeks ago I shared with you everyone's favorite cover boy, and Andrew Christian model Pablo Hernandez. Oh and i can't forget about those amazing abs, they are just as perfect in person as they are in all his photo. Recently Pablo released his vi...

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Cucumber, Banana, and Tofu
I am starting a new show, that have seen a few previews for this show, and now i am dying to see it. The show is a British show called Cucumber, created by Russell T Davis about middle-aged Henry Best following a disastrous date with his boyfriend of nine y...

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Hump Wednesday's
Wednesday's in the city is the one day of the week, that most people have to go into the office. Those mandatory weekly meetings, oh what joy. To lessen the pain of having to put on actual work clothes (many of us tele-work) I wanted to bring you a model I ...

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Trophy Boy!
If your like me you know a good pair of undies when you see one. The perfect fit, the right amount of stretch, and for me the nice perfect fit around the lower reign. One of those things that is an instant mood pleaser, a good and sometimes new pair of undi...

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Himanshu Sharawat
Friday is finally here, the final day of the work week for some and  others just a normal day. While happy hour is almost here for some, me included. A nice cold mojito would do wonders in this blazing heat wave at the moment. While I wait for the that, wan...

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Rohit Khandelwal
Sadly summer is coming to an end, and while the temperature outside still doesn't feel any cooler, le sigh. I wanted to bring back some warmth for those who already have a cooler temperature on the horizon. Recently Mr. India was crowned and I just had to s...

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Kaio Juliani
After searching the internet for a bit trying to find more information in this lovely model, and coming up slightly empty handed. I decided just to post him and see if anyone of you could fill in the blanks, good old teamwork. Without more rambling, lets me...
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