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Go Green; Abiding with the ethics of nature
Go Green; Abiding with the ethics of nature


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Super fifty:
BioAtlantis Super fifty is a super concentrated seaweed extract manufactured from Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested from the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Ireland. This unique product is the highest concentrated liquid seaweed extract on the world market, enhancing plant responses to abiotic stress and giving rise to beneficial effects in terms of crop yield and quality parameters. External universities have confirmed that Super fifty increases performance, marketable grade, root growth and salinity resistance.

1. Improves plant nutrition, growth and development.
2. Improves fruit quality and quantity
3. Improves efficiency of crop inputs
4. Promotes root growth
5. Improve soil bacteria count
6. Leads to better crop establishment, improved crop health and ultimately increases productivity plus profitability (to growers)
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Alga 95
Algae 95 is a spray dried, microgranular seaweed extract powder that acts as a plant strengthener. It is extracted from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, harvested from the Atlantic Ocean of the west coast of Ireland. It contains a natural balance of macronutrients, micronutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and other beneficial organic compounds

Product Guarantee:
1. Highly rich in functional bioactives
2. Antioxidant activity
3. Abiotic Stress reduction
4. Marketable grade
5. Production quality at harvest
6. Post-harvest benefits
7. Phenological benefits
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Benefits of Ascohyllum nodosum:
# Stimulates proteins and growth promoting compounds, i.e. enzymes production, defensive proteins, structural proteins and Antioxidants.
# Provides protection against Abiotic stress.
# Leads to better yield, bud retention and fruit set, longer shelf life, higher fruit number, better fruit quality.
# Enhances growth response (cell division and differentiation), leading to cell filling and ultimately resulting in fruit filling.

It Contains a range of naturally derived bioactive molecules with well characterized functions in plants, such as:
1. Phlorotannins- have Antioxidant properties.
2. Fucoidan- have Antioxidant properties and maintains healthy microbial ecosystem in soil.
3. Laminarin- have elicitation properties
4. Manitol- have Osmoprotection properties which results in abiotic stress reduction
5. Alginate- have water retention properties and acts as a soil conditioner.
6. Phenols
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We are importing Alga 95 and Super fifty from BioAtlantis Ltd. Ireland
The source of these products are Ascophylum nodosum.
About Ascophyllum nodosum:
#Ascophyllum nodosum is the most researched seaweed worldwide for the use as a fertilizer.
# It is a complex mixture of:
1. Amino acids
2. Organic acid
3. Carbohydrates
4. Vitamins
5. Macro and Micro nutrients
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Accreditation obtained by BioAtlantis Products:
1. Certified by Organic Trust
2. Listed by OMRI.
3. Approved by Ecocert.
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Production Facility:

1. Largest seaweed extraction facility in British Isles.
2. Fully automated & controlled system.
3. High concentrate evaporation, Spray drying &Purification of bioactives.
4. In-house activity testing.
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Research and Development:
1. Ten years of Collaborative research with 26 Research institutes world wide
2. 35 peer reviewed paper, multi-disciplinary team of PhD-level scientists.
3. In house active testing R&D center.
4. Current member of EU-approved consortium ( , ,
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About BioAtlantis:
BioAtlantis Ltd. is a Kerry-based biotechnology company involved in the manufacture of natural nutraceutical products from seaweeds with proven health benefits for plant, animal and human applications.
Since 2004, BioAtlantis Ltd. has established and developed markets in 30 countries across Europe, the USA,the Middle East, South America and Asia. The clear focus of the company is to continuously develop new markets. This demands an unrelenting emphasis on premium quality products, conclusive technical data and excellent customer service. Seaweed extract "Plant Strengtheners" are widely used by high-value fruit and vegetable growers, tree growers, greenkeepers and sports turf managers to optimize growth, yield, quality and visual appearance in crops and amenities.
BioAtlantis manufacture a number of seaweed extracts including highly concentrated extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria.
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Products contained under this section:
1. Ascophyllum nodosum extract. Liquid/ Powder
2. Potassium Humate (Flakes, Crystal, powder)
3. Humic Acid
4. Fulvic Acid
5. Amino Acids (Vegetable/aminal origin)
6. Hydrolyzed protein liquid 40%
8. Gibberellic Acid
9. Nitro benzene emulsifier
10. Nitro Benzene
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