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A Primer on Common Car Crash Injuries in Illinois
Check out this article about some of the most prevalent injuries associated with car accidents in Illinois. Car crashes represent one of the top causes of spinal cord injuries, soft tissue trauma such as whiplash and traumatic brain injuries. Learn more about these injuries and their serious potential impacts on victims.

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Cognitive distraction: What is it?
Click on this article which looks at cognitive distraction. Learn how researchers conducted a series of experiments to understand the effects of cognitive distraction on drivers. The experiments were held in three different environments and resulted in a scale that rates where driver behaviors fall. Researchers are hoping that their work will influence how voice-activated systems are embraced by automakers.

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What are the effects of a traumatic brain injury?
Take a look at this article about traumatic brain injuries and some of the different physical, cognitive, emotional and perceptual effects victims may experience. For example, brain injury victims may experience memory loss, persistent headaches and slurred speech. Since the effects of a brain injury can be severe, those who sustain one in an accident should reach out to an attorney for legal assistance.
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