Sony Xperia X Compact

Purchased an Xperia X Compact; here are my initial thoughts (in no particular order), if anyone is considering this phone:

It's tiny! It almost feels like a toy! :-)
But it's decidedly not a toy; it's fast and fluid; I don't find myself waiting for any function to complete.

The battery is indeed long-lasting; part of this must have to do with the relatively low-resolution screen (although anything more than the 780 ppi would be wasted on a 4.6" screen, in my opinion). Most of the SONY bloat can be disabled or hidden, but as +Ted Salmon​ mentioned, the company still wants to rope you in to the various SONY media services.

Surprisingly, I don't find my typing on the Xperia to be any less accurate than when using the 5.7" Moto X Pure.

The OS on the phone was updated several times, and now stands at 7.0.

Transferring data using the SONY transfer app also included things such as SMS threads and recent calls, although my homescreen links to web pages (and I have a lot of those!) were, sadly, not transferred. Previously, when transferring between Motorola phones using only Google's services, these were copied to the new device.

The phone is sleek and smooth, but it is slippery, and I can't imagine using this without at least a TPU case for grip.

My biggest complaint (and I can't say I wasn't warned) is that the speakers, although they sound OK, are really wimpy. They're simply not loud enough for me to use the speakerphone on Skype or during phone calls when the environment is not absolutely silent around me. I dislike holding a cell phone up to my ear except when necessary, so this is a disappointment.

The camera seems OK, and with all of those megapixels there is a lot of detail to be zoomed into without substantial degradation, but alas, cropping and zooming makes visible a lot of noise, with stray bright spots (pixels?) appearing in what is normally smoothed over into a uniform color when taking the identical shot with the MXP. Also, there is a bit more of the washed-out (water-color paint) effect than I can tolerate, and even an odd thin bright halo-like trace around dark objects.
The focus-lock around moving objects is convenient, though, especially when your subjects are not entirely stationary.

Good Bluetooth implementation, connections are not easily dropped, and the volume level is very high compared to the MXP.

So, that's about it so far.
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