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Raising Goats

As with any animal, there is countless amounts of information to learn about raising goats. A compilation of good, all around goat information.

If you are considering getting goats, start here but don't delay! Get a couple of these delightful creatures! :)

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Planning out a Profitable Homestead Year

You will have access to FREE “Projected Cost” and “Profitable Homestead” Worksheets with over 90 Ideas to help make your homestead profitable! "Any fool can make money, it takes a genius to make a profit."

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Find out more at

"Young Shani asks some very important questions. Questions that are truly life altering for anyone of any age. You are so very important to God and are meant to live an extraordinary life--a God-inspired life that is anything but ordinary."

If you're a parent who loves Jesus, then you've probably had the terrifying thought, "What if my kids don't end up following Him wholeheartedly?"

Despite your best efforts, all your prayers and possibly even pleadings to God, this fear inches too close to home.

The world has a pull and the wily destroyer desires to wreck havoc.

You may look around and see families who seem to have it all together and kids who are saints.

Or you feel so overwhelmed with all of life that (you know, the endless laundry, sweeping and putting toys back in the box) that it feels impossibly hard to focus on teaching and continually directing a young one's heart in the direction of life and hope in Jesus.

I get it.

But I've found a truth that is slowly sinking into my heart, even now, years past my childhood. It is a truth that I desire so deeply for my children to know and live out.

But YOU also can find and experience this truth and live it out, right alongside the little ones put in your care.

Imagine if...

...You realized just how important you are to God.

...You understood the good plans God has for you (even the angels are talking about it!)

...You lived a full life knowing you don't have to be perfect all on your own.

...You found value in the meaning of your name and allowed it to inspire and help you fulfill your destiny

...You found the freedom to fly through your faith that connected you to His powerful grace.

...And now imagine if your children knew these truths...
Several years ago I was inspired to put this message into a format for children. Imagine how lives could be completely altered in knowing these truths!

And the minds of children are so eager to read, learn and please our Father, aren't they? The earlier anyone can know the extraordinary power (that raised Jesus from the dead!) that resides in them through the Holy Spirit... man, the impact that would have.
Here are a couple reasons why teaching your children about the grace of God should be a top priority:

1. Faith is our "connection" to God. When we are connected to Him, His grace helps us in everything we do.

2. No matter where they find themselves in this life, they will be able to rely on the grace of God to help them be extraordinary, just like Daniel did when he found himself a captive in a new land.

No matter what happens in our nation, we need our children to be prepared to shine ever brighter in a darkening world.

I read this book and it inspires me. And even if my children don't read it every night before bed, I know that I can teach them these principles every day of their lives, especially if I keep it close to my own heart.

Would you like to know why Extraordinary You can be one tool to help transform your life and the lives of your children? I hope that after reading this book you'll...

1. No longer feel inadequate. But will understand and utilize the extraordinary grace of God

2. Have the ability to explain to your children what it means to live for Jesus. And as they understand, they will share and begin to live it out!

3. Be able to explain what your name means and why that is important to know.

4. Finally realize who's you are and why YOU are extraordinary.

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"Sarge" (PM Black Joe) is an AQHA registered black, 10 year old gelding for sale in Central Montana. He is 15.1 hands and about 1150 pounds. He is quiet and has a good disposition with a lot of heart.

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The benefits of goat milk are astounding! And with a few simple steps to keeping the fresh, raw milk clean and cold it tastes even better! This simple strip cup milking hack is helpful, useful and easy! Go and milk your goats with ease!

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Why should children be involved in the process of your homestead and all the chores involved? It is a questions worth exploring. Download a free age appropriate chore chart by age at:

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A day in the life of a modern day homesteader: wonderful, full of blessings but not much down time! Download a free fall garden checklist.

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Thin, crispy & flavor filled sourdough KAMUT wheat cracker uses the organic and non-genetically altered wheat. Great for dips, cheese and a snack by itself

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A day in the life of a modern day homesteader: wonderful, full of blessings but not much down time! Download a free fall garden checklist.

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Two reasons why pallets.are.awesome. And how you can start using them in your home and on your homestead right away. Great ideas!
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