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Part 3/3 (Remember to add all of them)
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Do the hacker news circles even mean anything anymore? Isn't it a non-curated version of hacker news, but with more SEM/SEO types to spam up your newsfeed?
+Zephyr Pellerin it's not necessary that items from the feed clog your stream. What I've done is add HN people to a separate circle and turned down the volume on that circle to zero. This way I still retain the input of the HN community on personalized search results but don't see any of their content in my stream.
I still want to keep my subscribers trim if the majority of them are not posting, I thought hacker news would be most active on a platform like Google+, which is pretty much (at this point) a more technically oriented Facebook.

But the majority of people don't even look like they browse hacker news (maybe this is extreme silicon valley bias, but seriously, SEM people and hackers are very different folk who I generally think hang out in very different forums to talk 'shop')! Hacker News is a mixing pot, but these two groups seem diametrically opposed in their views on ways to make money on their most shallow examination.
+Zephyr Pellerin As SEM folk, I'd think it prudent for them to be aware of the goings on about HN. :-)

That said, you're right, hackers would hardly want their personalized search results being influenced by SEM types.
how do you "turn down the volume"? ah ok... spooky.
+Robert Dobelina

Even when it was up I wasn't ablevto add myself. Perhaps they just have not updated the circles. 
I've been having server issues, it'll be back online today or tomorrow, it's too much hassle to remove everyone who asks so go into your G+ settings and CHANGE THEM.
But in all seriousness, once you're on the circle, you can never leave the circle.
You should warn people before they join. Or provide the ability to leave.
Warn people of the obvious? We don't administer google+, we did this as a free easy way to add all of your HN buddies.
It's not obvious that you will continue to be added to updated circles forever.
Agreed, perhaps there should be an admission process to hacker news circle?
What I'm trying to get you guys to understand, is, it's already done, even if I remove you from hngp (which is now back up), you will still be in the circle, and circles don't work like how you would think, they store them locally, meaning if someone adds the circle, they have their OWN copy, so even if we remove you from the main circle, they're still in every single other persons circle so whenever someone is added to those, you get notified.
Surely when the main circle is updated to exclude a user and somebody adds the updated circle, that user is no longer added/notified. That way you can simply ignore all existing users in the HN circle. +Luke Strickland you make it sound like you're notified if you're somebody is added to the same copy of a circle that you're currently in. That cannot be true.
Crap, I keep bringing it up, but it keeps crashing, give me a bit to fix it.
+Luke Strickland What is it that keeps crashing? Maybe we can help. Just tried posting again but still down I think.
It should be fine now, I need to add pagination and query limits.
Ah it's being spammed, I'll fix that very soon
So is it possible to leave this circle? I'd really like to...
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