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Do you want to support the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children but don't know how or can't afford a donation (even though there is NO donation that is too small!!!)... Buy yourself some NCMEC swag & show your support!!! #NeverStopSearching

"Missing and exploited children’s issues do not affect every household, but we wanted to give the average person a chance to show that they stand in solidarity with victims and their families. Wear our #HOPE Heart or buy any of the other products here to help support NCMEC and help us raise awareness for our important mission."

23 years ago today started the darkest, scariest, most depressing 17 days of my life - out of the hell that I endured I arose, a stronger, happier child.
I was given an amazing second chance at life! I thrived. I lived. I loved.
Thank you Mom, Dad, Rebecca, Jesse, Cassandra, Jay; all of their spouses & my nieces & nephews. Thank you Derek, Logan & Halee. Thank you all for loving me unconditionally & purely.
With your love, support & encouragement, I face each day with optimistic & with a smile!
I may have started off living in hell, but my "new family" turned my life around & let me be a child who was able to grow up without fear!

I'll be putting the #DaysInn & #Wyndham hotels on my lists of places to NEVER stay! Days Inn gave a key to my hotel room (to Derek) WITHOUT checking his credentials - he simply said "My name is Derek __ & I'm in room 325, I need another key." The front desk clerk that gave him a key was someone different than who checked him in. The hotel doesn't seem to see an issue with providing a room key to someone who provides the correct reservation name & correct room number without checking their credentials!
#SafetyIssues #Problems!
Thank you, #DaysInn & #Wyndham hotels, for potentially putting my life, and Logan & Halee's lives in danger! 

EDIT: Derek NEVER provided the front clerk his name... Said: "my wife & kids are sleeping and they have the only room key. I don't want to wake them up. I'm in room #______, can I get a second key?". No questions asked, no credentials seen -- key provided!

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I’ve decided to try a new venture for a little while. Along with being a full time wife & mom, licensed insurance agent, and a motivational speaker, I’m also trying my hand at being an independent Thirty One consultant. 
I’m very excited for this new venture and looking forward to selling these awesome products. I’m going to concentrate my business mostly on online and book parties and only do actual parties here and there.
Any person who schedules a online party with me that closes in the month of October and the sales (before taxes/shipping costs) are over $600, I’ll send you an autographed copy of the updated Buried Memories OR a code for the audiobook (these are very limited). The direct link to my consultant page is: - you can click on the link to 'host a party' 
Please, help me meet my first goal of at least 8 online parties in October.
Thank you, as always, for your continued support and motivation. 
If you don’t want to have a party, but you see something you like on the website, and want to place an order, I’m going to open an online party under my name ( The items can & should be shipped directly to you! 
Happy Buying :)

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Be sure to check out Kim Goldman's new book - ‪#‎MediaCircus‬ 
"Goldman makes very important comparisons of cases from the past 30 years and shows how social media and media in general has impacted the victims while living under the public microscope' - Katie Beers, victims' rights advocate and author of Buried Memories
This book is important for so many reasons. For me, the most important reason is it show how the publicity affects the victims and their recovery. Luckily, my parents shielded me from the public eye until I was ready for the microscope! 
Be sure to check out ‪#‎BuriedMemories‬ also!

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A month and a half ago, a close family friend was involved in a fatal scooter accident. Our friend, Joel, died almost immediately of injuries that he sustained in the accident. Joel left behind a young widow, and 2 very young sons. Derek and Joel were friends for a very long time - I knew Joel for almost as long as I've known Derek.
Joel & Dee had such love for each other - a love that is rare, a love that couples strive for! We went to Joel's sons birthday party this weekend - sweet "baby Ethan" turned 3 - to celebrate his birthday, he had a double ear infection - you almost have to wonder if, at such an early age, this is how the death of his daddy was manifesting in him.
A friend of Dee's started a gofund me account for Dee & the boys! The funds that are raised are to help Dee with expenses, she has been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years, Joel was the only provider for his family.
I'm posting this for 1 reason - through this whole tragedy, Dee has asked for prayers, that's it, just prayers to help her through this tragedy for the sake of Ethan & 9 month old Holden. She misses her husband terribly & is having a difficult time. She's such a strong, amazing woman - watching her grieve is so difficult because she's the type of woman who "makes lemonade." The most difficult part of watching her grieve is watching her try to "hold it together " for the boys when she feels so broken
Joel & Dee had a whirlwind romance, a fairytale wedding & a life to match. The loss was sudden & unexpected. I'm going to share the gofund me page - read her story, and, please, say a prayer for Deanne, Ethan & Holden. #CourageAlways #Loss #Grief #BuriedMemories #Prayers

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I wonder if #BuriedMemories will be on sale?!?

Amazon Prime Day is only one week away!

You'll need a Prime membership to take advantage of deals that are supposed to be more significant than Black Friday. If you aren't a Prime member, use this link here to sign up.

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I'm very excited to announce that Buried Memories is coming to Audible tomorrow!!
‪#‎BuriedMemories‬ ‪#‎Audible‬ ‪#‎CourageAlways‬

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Not quite sure if Buried Memories is worth your time reading? Check out a couple of free sample chapters that Carolyn, Beaufort Books & I are sharing with you!
I only ask that IF you do read the sample chapters that you help me spread the word about #BuriedMemories by sharing this post! I think that there are a lot of people who could benefit from my story of abuse & recovery!

I just uploaded a FREE preview of my book. Click here to Grabb it: #bookgrabbr

If you like what you've read, please buy the whole book from Amazon:

#HappyReading #CourageAlways

A victim of child abuse's thoughts on the #DuggarScandal

I've stayed silent regarding the #DuggarScandal for too long! Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar spoke with Megyn Kelly last evening about the scandal that has rocked their family & their hit TV show. I'll be honest.... I've only seen bits & pieces of their show & it was mostly from flipping through the channels. I think it is preposterous that anyone think that ANY family is perfect & this is how I feel that the Duggars think of themselves - perfect.
I have watched & read some of the media coverage related to this scandal & first, I have to say that I'm disappointed in the media for 'outing' the victims. Even though the media NEVER said the victims names, they did publicly state when the abuse occurred & that the 4 of the 5 victims were Josh Duggar's sisters. It doesn't take a genius to put 2 & 2 together! This is a huge injustice for the victims, who have apparently moved on from the abuse by their big brother.
A victim should NEVER be named publicly either directly, or indirectly, as the media outlets have done in this case.
The fact that the Duggars are trying to minimize that impact of Josh Duggars assault on his victims is shameful. Who cares if the victims "weren't aware of Josh's wrongdoings"? Michelle said: "It was more his heart, his intent. He knew that it was wrong. But they weren't even aware. They were like, you know, it wasn't -- to them they didn't probably even understand that it was an improper touch" - from Megyn Kelly's interview with the Duggars. So, Michelle Duggar, are you saying that just because someone doesn't know that they're being touched inappropriately, that makes it okay, OR lessens the severity?! I see SEVERAL issues with the statement: 1) touching someone inappropriately is WRONG, on every level - regardless of whether the victim is aware that it is wrong; 2) obviously, these children hadn't been taught about good touch/bad touch - EVERY CHILD should have this knowledge, regardless of whether or not they're in school, not of school age, or home schooled! 3) You are minimizing the abuse that occurred, and trying to 'make it okay.' What was done to the victims is WRONG, not matter what way it's looked at. I understand that they have forgiven their abuser & the victims have 'moved on' - but this fact doesn't mean that the acts that were done were acceptable. Without proper counseling/therapy, the memories of being abused can come back & 'haunt' a victim decades after the abuse happened, whether they were aware of the abuse or not!
There are at least 3 instances known of Josh Duggar assaulting his victims, even AFTER the parents of the victims have put safeguards in place - 1 instance was too many!!
From an article in USA TODAY: "Still, they [Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar] insisted their son is not and was not a pedophile, because he was too young at the time of his offenses. Josh was never charged with a crime." I am completely okay with NOT calling Josh Duggar a pedophile, but, did he exhibit some tenancies? Maybe. We shouldn't be the ones to decide, a professional psychologist should have been consulted - ESPECIALLY given the fact that he TOLD his parents that he knew that what he had done was wrong. I understand their desire to try to handle this issue 'in house.' At the second instance, a professional should have been consulted - for the safety & protection of the victims, the abuser & the family.
I'll go out on a limb and say that children (operative word... CHILDREN) are curious about other kids & body parts, however, Josh was not a child, he was a teenager, AND he was touching his victims when he knew the victims couldn't stop him, when his parents couldn't stop him & when he knew he wouldn't get caught. I have a 5 (almost 6) year old at home - it is appropriate for HIM to be body curious due to his young age - not a 14 year old teenager. With my nearly 6 year old, we have an open dialogue weekly about good & bad touch as well as about why mommy & Halee have different parts than him - it is healthy to have an open dialogue so that he doesn't try to 'explore' on his own!
FINALLY after the third known instance of the abuse happening, the family Patriarch got the authorities involved - issues with this are that the victims have been victimized time & time again AND the statue of limitations had past. Josh couldn't be prosecuted. Do I believe he should have been prosecuted? Well, I don't know the whole story, no one does; but at this time, the door was closed. We really need to reevaluate the statue of limitations for sexual assault, child abuse and rape for prosecutions as well as how long evidence is held onto. In this day in age, where we have unlimited cloud storage, there is not reason why evidence should be destroyed.
Lastly, Jim Bob was quoted saying that he "believes the bigger story is how those records were released (under a Freedom of Information Act), and they threatened to sue, to" [from USA TODAY article] "protect juvenile records because mistakes juveniles make when they're young should be sealed." I understand that some/most juvenile records should be sealed. There are some instances where records should not be sealed - I'm not a lawyer or a judge, so I cannot determine if this is one of those cases.

I feel that the Duggars are doing a HUGE disservice to survivors of sexual assault by trying to minimize what happened & the potential long-term effects to the victims. It seems to me that the Duggars are trying to get out from under this controversy and 'save face.'
As I said before, no one knows exactly what happened, so no one should judge them. I do, however, believe that the Duggar Family should use the controversy for good & rather than 'sweep this under the rug,' they should be using the fame to bring awareness to a topic that no one wants to discuss - child abuse.

#BuriedMemories #CourageAlways
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