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Taryn Raye
~Stories of Love~ Transformed and Given Wings to Fly
~Stories of Love~ Transformed and Given Wings to Fly


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Life As We Know It....
Boy oh boy has it been a long time. Since I last posted, a lot has changed. My divorce was finalized in May. I got a promotion at work, but I also lost my 12 year old furbaby writing companion. Sweet Miscellaneous, aka Mizzy passed away in February. It was ...

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Starting the New Year Off With a New Me #LifeChanges
I haven't posted in a very long time, I know. Life has a funny way of changing...sometimes those changes come without our say-so, but in my case, I made some choices that altered my own path. Writing has had to take a back-burner for the past few months, so...

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School supplies nearly tackled today and I got the call about my 1st day at my new job- start Saturday. Doesn't mean I'm gonna quit writing- not by a LONG shot...just means that Life's Path is twisting and turning in a different direction and Taryn has to put on her big girl panties and start making some moolah to take care of her and Girly Girl (and talk about herself in the 3rd person...) Haha!

I keep hoping for a shift in the book sales of Castaway Hearts because that would certainly help with my current lack of funds, and I keep hoping that I'll be able to start getting the Love By and Pryce of Love series' out there into readers hands soon as well, but until then, Momma gotta make some money somehow.

If anyone is interested or thinks they know someone who might enough a sweet historical romance, could you please share about Castaway Hearts? It would be greatly appreciated.

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Sharing some shameless promotion for Castaway Hearts and myself today. I'm starting to get back in the groove with edits and fingers crossed getting closer and closer to pubbing Love By Design, but in the meantime, Castaway Hearts could sure use some squishy warm lovin', as much of it as possible, to help boost it on Amazon or any of the other sites where it's available for purchase.

One of these days I would love to break through that wall and end up on one of the "Top" lists.

So, wanna help ‪#‎writers‬? Use the 4 R's- Retweet, Repeat, Repost, Review- Share their blogs & statuses, books ~ Show 'em Love ‪#‎gratitude‬ ‪#‎appreciation‬

Showing ‪#‎authors‬ love and support is what helps make them visible to other readers and I could certainly use the exposure, especially with the new life journey I'm taking.

Go friend me on FB. "Like" my FB Page here- (click the link)-

You can also follow me on Twitter, "Like" my Amazon Author Page when you're signed into your account (it doesn't cost anything to go "like" me). I'm here on Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and probably a few others I can't think of right off hand...

You can also help by adding Castaway Hearts to your Goodreads bookshelf, too, and honest reviews of the book when you read it are always welcome.

You can share about this on any of your social media sites- Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. That'd be fantabulous (and it might inspire crazy dances of joy, in the dark, behind a locked door, perhaps in the closet- Dances of Happy Happy Joy Joy are encouraged, but not necessarily required to be public viewing.)

On my publisher's site as well as Amazon, or wherever you might see the "pin" button, you can pin the cover to your Pinterest boards, too, which is really neat.

So...anyway....Feel free to click to share, or copy and paste the link to share it elsewhere on other sites. I will appreciate it and love you for-EVA!

Snippet I found rather amusing last night as I was reading through edits...I'd forgotten I'd added it, so I actually giggled when I read it, as though it were a fresh thought. I amuse myself so easily though...

"As they moved from room to room, Jasmine spied Derrek’s muscles, moving, gliding beneath his t-shirt as he measured the width and length of the window frames and gave her the measurements. She couldn’t help but think about how her hands could measure the expanse of his back or the thickness of his biceps or the width of his chest.

Maybe four hands wide across his back. Would both hands even fit around his arm? How many kisses would it take to cross from one shoulder to another? How many licks does it take….

“Yeah, I was thinking about that myself.”


Derrek’s words startled her from her fantasy measurements."

#amediting #LoveByDesign #contemporary #romance

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Did you know you can now leave reviews of books on my publisher's site, Turquoise Morning Press? If you read and enjoyed Castaway Hearts, please consider leaving an honest review there, as well as on Goodreads or Amazon, wherever you may have purchased it. Reviews help authors and make them and their books more visible. I would certainly appreciate the help. :)

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I could sure use some lovin'- please share this note- I know the Amazon, B&N, Smashwords & Turquoise Morning Press links are clickable. Will have to check the others though- think a few are no longer valid links. Sharing here or on FB or via your other social media sites truly help authors get seen, discovered & read.

You can also "like" FB Pages & the Amazon Author Central profile which helps make us little authors more visible and as always, an honest review of the book on the site you bought it helps as well as on Goodreads. Every lil bit helps. Shares & likes are definitely appreciated!

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