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The Passion and Challenge of Riding Horses in Dressage
The Passion and Challenge of Riding Horses in Dressage

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Quotes from the USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Clinic on October 24-25, 2015 at Shannondale in Milton, GA (Atlanta area)--

Scott Hassler-- "It is much nicer to remind a horse than to correct a horse".  "Transitions to one gait higher or lower are to encourage looseness and swing; transitions that skip a gait are for sharpness to the aids".

Willy Arts--"The neck is not the steering wheel or the brake".  "Allowing it to happen is teaching (it to happen)".

Both of them--"Guide, don't dictate"; "Encourage, don't control".

Super clinic, with very good horses and riders.  Well worth the time and audit fees!  Well done, USDF, Julie Shannon, and GDCTA!

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I love ponies!

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Setting Goals
This year, I set quite a few goals for Jelle and myself, and I am very pleased with our progress so far. Let me  list the goals: 1.  Two weeks in Florida in January, including a clinic with my trainer, Henk van Bergen 2.  A Rider Performance Certificate in ...

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What Level Are You?
I hear this question asked quite a bit.  What Level are you?  It is an honestly asked question, but the answer is not so simple, in a lot of cases. The implication is that you have a skill-set that is quantitative enough to put you into a category that is w...

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The next competition that IRIDE will be showing in is Snowbird's Paradise, Orlando, FL on January 26-27, 2013.  It will be Jelle's first USDF/USEF recognized competition!

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New blog post at Check it out!

Atlantic Crossing Dressage and 2-Phase Schooling Show
December 15, 2012.  Vero Beach, FL
#dressage   #horseshow   #Vero   #verobeach   #florida   #horse  

New dates for the Henk van Bergen Clinics in 2013!
January 31-February 1 at Turtle Hollow Dressage in Vero Beach
February 2-3 at Delante Dressage in Palm City
February 4-5 at Svetlana Gorski's facility in Loxahatchee

Mary and Jelle will be riding in the Vero Beach clinic, and the Palm City clinic. Mary will be auditing the Loxahatchee clinic.
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