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Enrico Porceddu
Fallo. Ora.
Fallo. Ora.

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Perchè NO. Di Marco Travaglio e Silvia Truzzi. Un' a recensione  opinione di Enrico Porceddu. É passato un
po' di tempo dalla mia ultima recensione, ma quella di questo libro è dovuta  perché  forzata dagli eventi, ovvero ha senso oggi ma probabilmente non ...

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Discorso di Laurea
Come mio solito quando arrivano i giorni importanti, anche in occasione della mia cerimonia di laurea ne ho approfittato per esprimere il mio amore e per trasmettere i miei valori ad amici e parenti, chi dovesse essersi perso il mio discorso può leggerlo qu...

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ON INEQUALITY - by Harry G. Frankfurt
ON INEQUALITY By  Harry G. Frankfurt Is Equality a moral obbligation? Should we
aim at it, or would be better to focus on pursuing poverty alleviation? This is one
of the main questions fomenting Frankfurt’s research and therefore also one which is bringing...

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THE MESH, by Lisa Gansky
THE MESH By  Lisa Gansky A s its tagline forecasts, this book is very business-oriented. You may consider taking one of the previous readings I reviewed if you find yourself more on the side of the consumer, since here you will more likely find out how to m...

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WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS By Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers
WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS By  Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers This book of about 220 pages is considered to be one of the initiators of the sharing econommy litterature. Written and pubblished for the first time in 2009, many situations described in its pages have...

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SHARING IS GOOD, by Beth Buczynski
SHARING IS GOOD By  Beth Buczynski This book contains about 80 pages of introduction to collaborative consumption and sharing economy, and 80 pages of listing and descriptions of collaborative consumption online platforms. As I could notice, many of those p...

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Take a look to my review of: THINKING FAST and SLOW, by Daniel Kahneman. This book might change your way to approach decision making for all your life long.
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