On the one hand, developers can never expect a guarantee service continues when relying on scraping. e.g. if you're building an e-commerce catalogue by scraping amazon, expect your API to be an erratic moving target.

But on the other hand, I do feel +Mohamed Mansour's pain. There's only a very limited API on Google Plus for now, which is fair enough for an early service, but if someone's taken the time to build up useful tools in the absence of a fleshed-out API, and users are loving those tools...there are better ways for said users and developers to find out everything's suddenly b0rken.

Does Google benefit from a publicity bump by suddenly unveiling the new top-secret UI? Maybe a bit, but one of the best things about Plus is the more agile nature of releases, accepting feedback, and working with users as well as the developers who will eventually use their API.

So couldn't G+ have launched a preview edition for Mohamed, his fellow developers, and their G+ extension fans?
Thank you Google for breaking all my apps and extensions without warning!
Why is Google trying to be so evil to the developer community?

Change is good, but you know what is even better? Relationship with your third party developer community who technically spend hundreds of hours building on top of this platform for free. Where the hell is the transition period?

My extensions and apps were downloaded way over two millions times from the last 10 months. Look at my GitHub page, I loved this platform so much that I spent my personal and free time evangelising for it to make the experience better and more enjoyable. Clearly I wasn't the only one, tons of developers spent their precious time, free time, extending this platform which many of your users loved and adored.

I technically spent hundreds if not thousands of hours building free open source applications, I have converted many users to use Chrome as their main browsers, I even have converted many users to Google+ and made many of them happy. Why didn't you reach out to the developers and tell them major change is coming? Didn't we support this platform enough to know things will break? Now hundreds of thousands of machines who are visiting Google+ have a broken experience, many errors will be shown, many popups will be alerted, our thousands of hours of hard work down the drain.

Facebook never did stuff like this, never forced us to change layouts like this. They have given the users a transition period to use the new layout. They always presented us a transition period to try the new layouts in a BETA sandbox weeks before they release it to the public. Allowing us to fix and comment, and iterate

From the entire blog post that Google released, not even a "Thank You" to any of the developers who contributed to the success of the first Google+ version. Look at the new version, it has a lot of what extensions had. But I guess they dislike giving credit where it is due. We are like Ghosts to them! Great news!

I guess I will officially give up supporting (developing apps) Google+ and find another platform to tinker with that will welcome us, Facebook.

Google, you won, you finally got what you wanted, you lost my support.

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/end rant, yes I am extremely frustrated, all my work went to waste.
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