I know RSS has been dead since 1982, but I'm still finding it very useful for powering status updates on my homepage (http://mahemoff.com). Whether Twitter, WordPress, Posterous, Lanyrd, Plancast, I know I can always scrape the most recent item with a one-liner.

In the case of Plus, I'm using +Russell Beattie's PlusFeed. But an official feed for Plus would be stellar.

cc +Ade Oshineye
Ok Google! When are you guys going to get around to providing individual user feeds?!? +Bradley Horowitz? Any help here?

Plusfeed - http://plusfeed.appspot.com - is serving 25,000+ feeds daily now and the requests/CPU usage is growing to the point where I'm spending a buck or so a day... which doesn't seem like much but, you know, $30+ a month isn't exactly chump change.

I bet if I start throwing in random advertising items in the feeds I could 1) earn back some money and 2) cause a mass-exodus of users, which would also be fine. :-)

Actually, that wouldn't matter much. Now that the Feed Bots have the URL, they'll keep hitting it forever. I swear, the only thing living after the apocalypse will be roaches and feed bots.
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