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5 days of Facebook or why you lost that music sale

[ The video is a sad / cute story too and everybody probably has experience that "reality versus expectation thing". It took me some time to see that the guy looks like an indian version of Ted from "how I met your mother". ;) ]

Why are musicians still trying to build anticipation for a later release? They are loosing the direct sale. In this specific case, it does provide links to get the ringtone on your phone - if you life in India. But not the links to the song to buy. Why you ask:

The Music Album "KAL" by Rahul Bhatt releases in November first week on Saregama. The Album comprises of 8 heart-touching songs including 5 DAYS OF FACEBOOK song 'Kal' and 'AZAAD 26/11' song 'Azaad', and 6 new melodious numbers :) We look forward to your feedback on the entire album when it comes out :)

How about "you lost me at november"?
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