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Do your best ... !!
Do your best ... !!


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How to configure thunderbird

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How to enable and access developer options in android ?
Since Android  Jelly Bean 4.2 ,
the developer options were hidden by default  in all Android phones.
So, for all  Android phones with Jelly Bean 4.2 or later versions, you
cannot find the developer options by default The main purpose of hiding the develo...

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Edit an incorrect commit message in Git
Edit an incorrect commit message in Git Amending the commit message git commit -- amend   Will open your editor, allowing you to change the commit message of
the most recent commit. Additionally, you can set the commit message
directly in the command line...

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Jetbrain PhpStorm 10 Crack
Jetbrain PhpStorm 10 Crack Jetbrain Phpstorm v10 is fresh updated version of the modern language of PHP. This new version designed for the new and continuous working users Method 1 1.Download 2.Copy C:\Program Fil...

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This is my test blog

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website is the lightbox effect
One of the most popular ways you can showcase photos on your website is the lightbox effect. Well, we wanted to simplify the process, so we've written a little tool that makes adding the Fancybox lightbox script to your page a snap.  Thanks to cdnjs , you ...

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How to check if string has at least one letter, number and special character in php
Lowercase character,
Uppercase character,
Symbol ^(?=.[ a - z ])(?=.[ A - Z ])(?=.* \d )(?=.( _ |[^ \w ])).+ $ A short explanation: ^ // the start of the string (?=.[a-z]) // use positive look ahead to see if at least one lower case letter exists...

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Get country by mobile no
Here I am going to tell you how can you get country by mobile no sometime you have the mobile no with country code mobile 971525478965 919844005522 45712345678   I am going to through each number in the database and find the country code from the mobile num...
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