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Hercules E Haralambides
Give people equal opportunities, not equal rights.
Give people equal opportunities, not equal rights.

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Globalization, public sector reform, and the role of ports in international supply chains
[ for the full article, click here ] The first rough brushstrokes of this paper  were put 20 years ago, mostly in the later part of this paper, concerning the issue of port reform. At that time, I was working for ILO, on the labor aspects of structural adju...

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One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR), China-EU trade relations, and (geo)political ‘positioning statements’
I have updated my ever-developing OBOR presentation, following countless discussions with senior policy makers in Europe and China.  Inputs are provided on European trade and investment policies; TPP; Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP); Pers...

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Η αυτοκρατορία αντεπιτίθεται

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Η αυτοκρατορία αντεπιτίθεται
Όποιος αρνείται να δει την επανάσταση των λαών κατά των ελίτ και των τραπεζών εθελοτυφλεί. Και ο υπεύθυνος για την κοσμογονία αυτή που συντελείται γύρω μας δεν είναι άλλος από το ίντερνετ. Κάποτε, 4 χώρες είχαν μοιράσει και διοικούσαν την Αφρική, χωρίς να ξ...

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India, Russia and the Persian Gulf: A new OBOR in the making?
The Chinese One-Belt-One Road (OBOR) initiative is a US$ 1
trillion plan, with an estimated economic multiplier of 2.5. However, since the
initiative was first announced in 2013 by President Xi of China, only 5% of
this budget has been spent. There are as m...

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Davos 2017
Sergio Ermotti (UBS): "We ought to listen to what
people say: The benefits of globalization are clearer to emerging economies
than to developed countries" [excerpt from my new book, written 20 years ago]: [...] The western world has been losing out
in this ...

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Mother, should I work in a port?
[The recent New York Times article* reminded me of this photo which I had collated some time ago, appearing in my forthcoming book] _______ In the earlier days (up to the beginning of the 1960s) general cargo , carried by liner
ships, was transported, in ...

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The end of private car ownership?
These days every year is the time of predictions and I have
never shied away from them. Here are therefore my predictions, not for 2017 but
for 2037, if not much earlier. Autonomous (self-driving) cars are here to stay and the
plans of manufacturers point a...

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On public contracts in ports, natural monopolies and unnatural nonsenses
Ports are often referred to as the classic example of the
so-called natural monopoly case, whereby
possible market failure can justify government intervention. Under certain
conditions (level of demand, cost structures and technology), a market with two
or ...

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Protectionism: choosing the wrong medicine to the right illness
Trade has undoubtedly created unimaginable
wealth and welfare throughout the world, but at the same time it has also
precipitated worrisome disparities in job creation and income distribution in
many countries.  Spellbound this afternoon, I listened to Yi X...
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