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Rob Lamont

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No matter how long the race, one second can be a very long time.
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Sounds like Scott's doing well to keep up? 
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Rob Lamont

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Just learnt about at amazing Muslim Sect who are Kurdish. They do not have Mosques, Imans, read the Koran, pray or have holy days etc.

It is like saying I am a Christian but don't go to church, pray or read the Bible.

Also the Yazidi who are a highly syncretic mix of local Yezidi beliefs that contains Zoroastrian elements and Islamic Sufi doctrines.

Had a great time talking about Jesus to a family who are Yazidi. Kurds are a great group to talk to about God and Jesus.
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Rob Lamont

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A prayer I wrote from a sad funeral today.

A father who had not seen his children for over 30 years never met any of his 6 beautiful grandchildren. No 'friends' turned up.

Help us in our struggles to understand
​Help us in our regrets of what was left unsaid
​Help us when we are angry or doubt, and for the times that we know no words to pray,
​Help us for tears that seem to fill the ocean,
​Help us with our sadness that nearly stops us from breathing,
​Help us when weak with pain that we feel all is lost,
​Help us deal with farewells that we never were able to say face to face.
​Give us closure to the past
​Help in the present
and hope for the future


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Rob Lamont

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Imagine dealing with rape, miscarriage, abortion, alcoholism, family breakdown, divorce, drug abuse and all in one family, children with serious allergies, and learning disorders and discovering a loving God on the other side of a long journey. Discover that hope is for everyone. My wife could not put this book down till she finished it.
* Saturday, March 8th 2014 (7-9pm) at
Beaumont Hills Community Centre
Cnr Arnold Janssen Drive and The Parkway, Beaumont Hills

Please RSVP to Laura John
Tel: 0423606236 or email
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Rob Lamont

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Day three on the 'fat farm'.
Scott has managed to get his sugar levels to 5.5 and 6.2. He forgot to lower his insulin and after our ride went Hypo.
For months he has rarely been below 10, So this is a good thing - first goal achieved.

However he managed to get his 5km time down to 16m from 20m yesterday and 25m on day one.

Only did 5km but that is okay.
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He gets breakfast, lunch and dinner plus morning tea, afternoon tea and supper. So fed 6 times a day. But because his food was so bad and unhealthy we are having trouble with getting his insulin right.

He loves bad food and used to just keep increasing his insulin.

Getting him to monitor his sugar levels has been a real challenge.

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Rob Lamont

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Through the counselling of others I have dealt with teenagers who saw family members murdered by govt troops in front of them, dealt with grieving family members after a suicide, refugees who only had the clothes on their backs, maniac depressives, mental health issues, suicides, family breakdown.

I don't think I really had the answers that could make all bad things go away and everyone be happy but I am deeply aware of the healing power of the Holy Spirit, the depth of forgiveness found in Jesus and the love of God that surpasses understanding.

When counselling I know I am not doing it in my own strength and I am never alone.

Deuteronomy 31:8
It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

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Amen gave a beautiful and poignant sermon...thank you!!

Chris Herring

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Rob Lamont

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Most of the science that was in my parents text books has been thrown out, my mother was taught that nothing was smaller than an atom.

Most of what I was taught in my text books is also thrown out. I was taught that there was nothing smaller than a proton, neutron or electron.

We now have fermions, hadrons and bosons.

How much of what is in current texts will not be found in a text book in 50 years.

If science continually moves the boundaries when is something a fact, a theory, an opinion or just a hopeful guess.

If your trust or faith is in science, what does this mean?
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Art is not science? 
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Rob Lamont

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Fat Day 5:
- 7km ride
- Insulin from 50 to 40. No hypo today
- now 117kg from 120kg

Fitter, faster, further...

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The aim is that Scott will live with us for a month.  

Hoping to lose 10-15 kg. (from 120 kg - need to lose 40 kg)
get insulin down to 30-35 (from 50)
Sugar readings to 5-7 (above 10)

Aim 20km ride
5 km walk

His current health means we have picked easy exercise goals for a healthy person but Scott is far from healthy.

Teach him good food recipes that he can do. 
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Rob Lamont

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+andrew underwood if you can give up meat for Lent, then I can give up coffee. 
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It would be tough to give up technology products for me as it is part of my job. 
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Rob Lamont

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Day Two on the fat farm - Scotty managed to knock 5 minutes off his 5km score and managed to do it in 20 minutes. (yesterday 25m)

We also managed 6km before the first rest -yesterday 4km.

Yesterday 8km
Today 10.2 km 

Want to send Scotty and encouraging message?
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Hello I am naeem Iqbal.I love u like as love jesus us and i did not see God and did not see Jesus but i fell love of Jesus through friends, Sisters, Brothers, and lovers if u have love of Jesus so share with me i am very thirsty of love who in your heart of love Jesus. Amen in Jesus name
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