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Reddit: House Detail: Racial Styles, Zone, Outdoor Space, Cost, Furnishing Count, Furnished Crown Value #ESO #TESO #ElderScrollsOnline

dominoid73 has posted a great table on Reddit that provides a nice summary of the various housing properties coming to ESO.  The table includes price, style, gold price, crown price, furniture limits, etc. View Post
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Alliance Point Vendor Items - 2017/01/13 #ESOTU #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

This weeks vendor items on sale between 00:00 UTC/GMT on Friday and 12:00 UTC/GMT on Mondays for  100,000 (Armour)  – 250,000 (Jewelry) or 200,000AP (Armour)  – 500,000AP (Jewelry) are the following Vendor was introduced in Patch 2.3.5. Grothdarr’s Helm –…
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[PTS] Crafter Alert: Changes to Staves #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

To be an effective crafting consultant, one must be aware of the changes to the weapons you create from the basic of materials. Let it be known… Ancient Knowledge: This passive ability no longer decreases the cast time of your Destruction Staff Heavy…
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Reddit: List of Furniture Recipes #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

Kudos to the heroic effort of dominoid73 who has compiled a list of all of the furniture recipes coming to furniture crafting and has shared it on Reddit.  How many you ask? 1000+ View Spreadsheet (Google Doc)
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[PC] Patch Notes 2.7.0 - Crafting Summary #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

The following is an enhanced summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac along that includes some answers to some frequently asked questions. New changes: Housing, Furniture crafting, Master writs, 4 new…
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Note this is currently of the Public Test Server only.
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Move-in day is coming! #Homestead comes to #ESO on Feb. 6 for PC/Mac & Feb. 21 for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.
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[PTS] [PC] Patch Notes 2.7.2 - Crafting Summary #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

The following is a summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac. Most of this patch addresses abilities, item sets, and more bug fixes. Note: This patch is currently on the Public Test Server OVERVIEW The Elder…
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[Datamined] "Jester's Festival" Recipes 2.7.0 #ESOTU #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

code65536 has posted some interesting recipe information on the forums that was recently datamined. They appear to relate to the “Jester’s Festival”, which we believe is the April Fool’s Event. There…
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ESOTU Everything you need to know about Crafting & Furnishing in Homestead 101 #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

covenant_merchant has posted a detailed list of all the things you could ever want to know about Homestead furnishing. It includes, common used mats from the various crafting professions, zone-specific accolade furnishers and home good merchants. View Post
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[PTS][PC] Patch Notes 2.7.1 - Crafting Summary #ESO #TESO #TESOnline #ElderScrollsOnline

The following is an enhanced summary of the crafting related changes included in this #ESOTU patch for the PC and Mac. Blue and Purple Recipes destruction now has a confirmation, Master Writ drops improved for equipment writs, Paintings can be found.…
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When looking for a game to play, I prefer sandbox games with a lot of content and a crafting system that is suited for short play sessions.   I like to experience the game and not rush to the "endgame".  What I'm not looking for is a time-sink-easy-button game that holds your hand and is filled with micro-transactions, or a game that looks too "cartoony".    
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