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As software developer I am big fan of code editors and sublime text 3 has been my editor of choice. But visual studio code is getting so good that it's grabbing my attention. 

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How geeks update to new #golang version

All of tech industries is composed of companies that are big copy cats. Now everyone started a race for AI.

What library/framework you suggest for developing restful web services. I have used slim in php and Flask in python and been very happy with them. Is there a light weight counterpart for Golang? Thanks 

I am working on making a struct (class) for interacting with a web service. I wanted to make the base url as const in the struct. Something like

type MyWebServiceClient struct{
const base_url string =""

Is there a way around it? 

Successfully migrated 2 yrs old code from @PubNub to @Firebase mainly because of extra features. Phew!!@googlecloud#cloudcomputing

Just as when i thought nothing was more amazing than ‪#‎MongoDB‬, ‪#‎Firebase‬ came and completely blew me away with its realtime client sync.

That fun moment when you back up your car on to someone sitting in his parked car and he freaks out not knowing you are viewing him in rare view camera.

Why did it take me so long to discover #mongodb. Simply amazing.

Tuned into SpaceX launch event. ‪#‎SpaceX‬ ‪#‎Jason3‬ ‪#‎Falcon9‬
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