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Tom Francis
Designer, writer and coder of Gunpoint.
Designer, writer and coder of Gunpoint.

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It's up! New video of the Grappling Hook Game, featuring a visually exciting NEW CHARACTER:

Several weird feelings about the best year of my life:

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This is going to be a terrible Christmas for my enemies.

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My grappling hook game is coming along nicely - you can now use a lamp post to fling yourself onto a roof.


Going to Hell in Spelunky is one of the craziest and most elaborate secrets in gaming. I wrote about how it works:

Day 3, my game now has a grappling hook. Check it out!

There's also a question for the kind Unity pros offering help

I picked apart the intro to one of my own reviews to show my working a bit:

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In the new Crate and Crowbar podcast I talk about what's so cool about the latest build of Quadrilateral Cowboy:

My breakdown of Gunpoint's development is now complete: Now covers finding a team, promotion, contacting press, etc.

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My breakdown of Gunpoint's development now covers work ethic, design process, testing setup, and story development.
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