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Personalized attention in the comfort and security of your home
Personalized attention in the comfort and security of your home


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Three Simple Things to do to Help an Elderly Who Lives Alone
Do you know of an elderly person living all alone? Their sense of independence is surely worthy of our salute. But an older person all alone may find difficulty caring for themselves. They may experience falls with no one assisting them. They are at greater risk of weather-related injury when the cold days come.
Here are things you can do:
• Ensure that there are family members or neighbors who visit the elderly at least once a day.
• Ensure that the person’s details are readily available to the authorities in the community.
• Ensure that the elderly receives health assistance in his/her home.
Reaching the elder years of life is a critical stage of our existence. Make sure that you’re prepared for it. Let us assist you in handling your elderly care daily needs. It is our goal at Harmony Complete Care LLC to provide you with quality health service at home. It will be as if your own family member is attending to you personally. Experience us to know the difference. Call us for appointment at 713-668-3883.
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Four Warning Signs of Hypothermia
Hypothermia usually occurs during cold weather. Save a life and watch out for these life-saving signs of hypothermia. 
- Pale, cold skin
- Feelings of weakness and sleepiness 
- Difficulty in walking 
- Difficulty in breathing 
Let us provide professional care for your loved one. You can trust our quality services at Harmony Complete Care LLC. Call 713-668-3883.
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Healthy Food for Healthy Recovery
Is it recovery time already? Foods rich in protein can help in safe weight gain. Try including meat, eggs, or beans in your daily serving. For assistance in food preparations, ask us at Harmony Complete Care LLC through 713-668-3883.
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Physical therapy services are included in the care programs offered by Harmony Complete Care LLC. Call 713-668-3883 today.

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What to Do When Seniors Refuse to Bathe

A senior's refusal to take a bath is often because he/she dreads the struggle associated with this particular activity. However, by not taking a bath, he/she becomes dirty and unhealthy.

If your senior loved ones are refusing to take a bath, here are things you can do:

• Give them a half bath.

• You can opt to give them a half bath to clean their entire body, except the hair. Wiping their bodies with a moist towel will also work.

• Avoid giving them baths every day.

• Seniors already have sensitive skin. Taking a bath everyday can make the skin dry. Schedule certain days in the week for bathing so your loved ones can prepare for the task beforehand.

• Encourage but do not force.

• Talk to your loved ones about the benefits of taking a bath. If they still don't want to, it will be better not to force it. Doing so will save everyone involved from mental and emotional exhaustion.

Harmony Complete Care LLC will help look after the personal hygiene of your loved one at home. All you have to do is call us today at 713-668-3883.
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3 Main Reasons Why Your Senior Refuses to Shower

There are three main reasons why your aging loved one may refuse to take a bath, including:

- physical struggle
- embarrassment from getting naked in front of another person
- water temperature

Harmony Complete Care LLC aims to address these issues so your loved one continues to experience good personal hygiene. Call 713-668-3883 for our care services. #senior #hygiene
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Skilled Nursing for the One You Love

The best-skilled nurses for your aging dad are here! Call Harmony Complete Care LLC at 713-668-3883 to discuss our skilled nursing service.

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The Best Ways to Prevent Diabetic Complications

When you have diabetes, you will most likely be living with it all your life. Managing this condition is essential to preventing complications where bigger health problems may come in. The following are the best ways to prevent diabetic complications:

• Take your medications religiously.
Multiple medications may be prescribed to you by your physician. Make sure to take them at the scheduled times and inaccurate dosages.

• Attend medical appointments and check-ups regularly.
Regular checkups and medical appointments are necessary to monitor the progression of diabetes and to manage it properly. Make sure not to miss any of these appointments.

• Avoid foods or activities that may raise your blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels.
This will sum up to self-control. If you know that it is bad for your diabetes, do not eat or drink it.

Harmony Complete Care LLC offers diabetic care services for our diabetic patients at home through our skilled nurses. Talk to us at 713-668-3883 today so we can discuss your or your loved one's situation.
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Quit smoking to avoid diabetes complications.

Smoking can make your diabetes worse. In order to prevent any complications associated with diabetes, see to it that you will avoid smoking at all costs. If you need assistance at home due to your medical condition, Harmony Complete Care LLC can do the job for you. Call 713-668-3883 now.

#diabetes #quitsmoking
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Home Health for Safety and Convenience

Your injured loved one can't do all things physically by himself. Get the help of our home health aides for safety and convenience.

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