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BLOG TO FOLLOW Great blog regarding being single and dating. Check it out!!

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Quick Thoughts
I guess this is going to be one of the realist posts I am going to post...maybe...we'll see Lately God has just been speaking me. Literally has been putting people in my life to speak His word. It is coming to a point where I am going to have to sit down an...

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"What Not To Tell Single Girls (And some things you should do)."
An interesting post on what people should and shouldn't say to Christian women who are currently single. Article here One of my fave quotes is: "Now sometimes this statement is altered slightly to be directed towards the spouse in hiding: 'The Lord is just ...

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Relevant Article: Three Things I wish I Knew When I Was Single
First I would like to apologize for the gap of the blog posts. I was going through some minor personal issues that was delaying the blog. OK now that, that is out of the way here The Relevant article is here Debra K Fileta is my favorite writers in Relevant...

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Being Single and Battling Porn
Porn or XXX The evil words that we hear all the time but no one ever talks about. It's that secret sin that people rarely admit to participating in however, I read once there is a website that has somewhere around 100 Million views a day. YouTube has 1 Bill...

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Despite me being single, I had my fair share of heartbreak. I think because I've never been in a lot of solid relationships, many times people think I don't know how it is to face disappointment     But the truth is I have. I know how it's like to...

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Letter To My Future Daughter
Although in the moment I am living a single life from time to time I do think about my future family. I think more about my kids then I do my wife Crazy I know Most men think about the future wife they want to marry, how she'll look like, what kind of perso...
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