Hey Know-It-Alls,

+Bryan Burnett & I absolutely love doing the show for you. It's not just the projects (which we REALLY enjoy), but we think you're the best audience in the TWiT Army. You make the show fun, exciting, and just weird enough to keep the two of us sane!

We think we've got a great show, and we want to grow it. We're proud of our content and would put it up against any DIY/Maker channel on the Internet, but we need your help to get the word out... and to shape the future of "Know How".

We've been listening to feedback on the KH and have been able to identify a few things that we believe you would like to see. They include:

1. Better "visibility" into the projects. -- There is a concern that since we do three main segments and two minor segments in each episode, the projects are getting hopelessly lost in each episode "bundle". You want better SEO so that you can find the projects you want to do.

2. Shorter shows/More Content! -- Yeah, it sounds contradictory, but I get what you're going for. You want shorter, more focused episodes (between 15-25 minutes) so that they're easier to digest than an hour-long show. You also want MORE, shorter, more focused episodes.

3. More Guests! -- This was a big one. Many of you have expressed the desire to see us collaborate with makers and DIYers from around the net. 

4. More diverse content. -- This is another big one. Many of you are tired of quadcopters and hobby builds, while others want MORE quadcopters and hobby builds. There's also a cry for "more stuff that I can actually use in my daily life." -- All in all, it just means that you want a format that guarantees that you can find something you like, and avoid the things that you don't.

5. More Cranky Hippo in a doge mask. -- This one was just strange. Stop it.

-- We've heard you -

In the coming weeks, +Bryan Burnett and I will be playing with the format of the show in an attempt to give you the "Know How" you want. I can't promise that we'll get it right immediately, nor that the changes won't upset a few of you, but we're going to keep trying until we can deliver you all the Maker/DIY goodness that you deserve.

For your part, I'd ask that you help us spread the word about "Know How" - We've got a great audience that's growing every week, but I think we can have a HUGE audience that will let us take KH to the next level. 

In short... you all rock.... now let's see what else we can do. :)

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