Find your peace today! I can't look at this photo without taking a deep breath and feeling a little better.
Reflections @ Beauty Creek, Canada
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I love reflections and on our visit to Jasper we got lots of chances to photograph these stunning reflections. The clouds were breaking up fast and we I took several shots with different composition to include reflections.

How was this image created?
This is a manuall blended image using our iHDR workflow and a 3 stop Hard GND filter. The edge of the filter was aligned with the angle of the mountains. Because I wanted to see the reflections of the clouds, I did not use a circular polarizer. Overall exposure and processing was adjusted to be able to see the details in every part of the image...if you look closely you can see the under water and the reflections at the same time.

Now if only I can get rid of the ugly black border on a Portrait Format shots!!!

Enjoy & Share.
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