We’re making some changes to how we broadcast Absolute Classic Rock so we can bring you two brand new radio stations, +Absolute Radio 60s – the home of the Beatles, Stones and Motown and +Absolute Radio 70s – the UK’s Only 70s Radio Station.

We’ll still be broadcasting Absolute Classic Rock in all the towns and cities we currently do on DAB Digital Radio, at a reduced bit-rate of 64k from midnight tonight.

What is a bit rate we hear you cry?

Simply put - DAB Digital Radio broadcasts as data which is decoded by your radio. You shouldn’t notice too much difference as the majority of DAB radios are the mono, one-speaker ‘kitchen’ type and we’re now using equipment for better sound quality with lower bitrates.

We want to provide services to as many listeners as possible but have to consider economic realities and the cost of bandwidth. For the same reason, we won’t be broadcasting on Freesat Digital TV anymore from midnight on the 7th of December, but you can catch us on Virgin Media and Sky.

We will also continue to broadcast at 192k online at http://absoluteclassicrock.co.uk to bring you the best in classic rock through our High Quality player.

You can find more information about how to listen to Absolute Classic Rock on DAB Digital Radio here: http://absoluteclassicrock.co.uk/listen/dab/

Don’t forget about our mobile listen apps, Apple iPad listen apps and online Radioplayer here: http://absoluteclassicrock.co.uk/listen/mobile/

We’ll continue to bring you great shows on Absolute Classic Rock like Leona Graham’s Classic Rock Party Saturday nights from 7pm: http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/djs_shows/absolute_classic_rock/
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