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Bro - you are going to LOVE this!!! :)

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How did I miss this?! +Ryan Block showed me this a few minutes ago, and I was cracking up. What an amazing prank.

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Post has attachment is accepting requests for invitations for your #squash  or #tennis  club. More info including screenshots is also available on their facebook page:

Post has attachment is now accepting requests from new squash and tennis clubs to join

If you'd like an invitation for your squash club or tennis club, just visit or send them a message on

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WOW today, LOL tomorrow?

The “3Dcone” is an attachment for the iPhone that allows it to capture stereo pair images….

I suspect it’s one of those things I look at today and go, 'Wow, cool!' and then in the not-too-distant future once 3D capability has become commonplace** I will look back and give a good old belly-LOL.

Until then, yes I'll admit it - I sort of do want one!

**or perhaps we’ll all wake up one day and decide we never really gave a @#$T about this 3D stuff anyway…

(Photo source:

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I honestly never thought I'd be saying this...

Having been fighting with terrible performance issues on a less-than-high-spec 'spare' laptop, I finally dumped Ubuntu (Linux) and decided to give Windows 8 a go.

And wow, I am impressed so far.  After a very fast and easy install from a USB stick, it just works. Yes, really. It does!

There were a few moments of "um how do I ....?"  - mainly related to my own lack of familiarity with some hidden functionality (which is not as immediately obvious or intuitive as I would have liked, particularly considering there are no "if you want to ... try this... " tips in the preview release). But the features are actually quite well thought through once you find them. (And there are plenty of people out there blogging tips for Windows 8).

Much as I've been far from a Microsoft fan for some years now (and I love my Apple devices far more than my Windows working environment) I'm wondering if perhaps Microsoft are really about to get back in the game.  For the consumer market at least, they've got this release of Windows pretty well nailed ... though I can't see it working too well in a business environment (yet).

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Bus Ride Video Backfires on School Children...

Children on a school bus in the US viciously taunted their 68-year old bus monitor, Karen, and reduced her to tears making comments about stabbing and suicide. (Perhaps they didn't know Karen's son had committed suicide).

The children uploaded a video of the incident to YouTube - though now I bet they wish they hadn't.

The police and school authorities got involved and have been interviewing the children concerned.

And in just 48 hours of the video being uploaded outraged members of the public have gifted nearly $500,000 to send Karen on a dream holiday.

I hope Karen and her family accept the gift, have a wonderful time and know that we're all disgusted by this type of behaviour which we sadly see all too often.

Making The Bus Monitor Cry
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