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Juan Giron
all who care are cared for
all who care are cared for
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Solitude / Soledad

Night falters, dreams betray
Find no rest; the hour is late and no peace

La noche se quiebra, suenos tracionan
El descanso se encuentra lejos; la hora estarde no hay paz

Days with little rest; shackled by a past
Path beneath a mist, only a dream to guide

Dais sin descanso, encanadado por un pasado
Camino escondido en tinieblas, solo un sueno a lunbar el camino

Any form of abuse is still abuse no matter how the abuser chooses to masquerade it...

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A Medias / In Half

No me beses
Cada abrazo de los labios, un contracto
No me busques...
Cada encuentro una promesa
No presigues la mirada
Ojos que casan el sentimiento

Don't kiss me
Every embrace of the lips a contract
Don't search for me
Every encounter a promise
Don't chase me with a gaze
Eyes that stalk sentiment 

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Lo Que Espera / What Awaits

El tiempo mi adversario
El tiempo cruel amante
El tiempo ingrato companero
El tiempo...

Time my adversary
Time cruel lover
Time an ungracious companion

El tiempo sin fin
El Tiempo sin prisa; sin destino
El tiempo solitario; orgulloso
Tl tiempo....

Time without end
Time without hurry; without destination
Time solitary; self centered

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Fog / Tinieblas

Rosa negar
Noche sin luna
Isla al fin del mar

Black rose
Moonless night
Island at the end of the sea

Natures skyscraper
Dark forest
Lifeless lagon

Montanas raspando el cielo
Bosque oscuro
Laguna sin vida....

All matter of pain is just a reflex to an action done by oneself an event or another person; one can either be imprisoned by it use it to get free....

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Lo Que Sangra What Bleeds

A qui con el alma destrosada...
Solo, alma ambulante, alcoba solitaria...
Con el corazon en pedazos,

Here with a ragged soul...
Alone, rouge soul, empty room...
The heart in pieces...

Le pido al dia, que corra, para la noche consuma mi tristesa....
Le pido ala noche que me afruye en su cobija negra...
Le pido a ese terrible amanecer, que se suabe, gentile...

Ask the day to be swift...
Ask the night to envelop this sadness in its black shroud
Ask the morning, terrible as it may be, tobe gentile with my melancholy...

Desnudo en un olvido, que es heogista...
Puertas habiertas, ventas sin rejas...
Las sombras de mi larga vida me acompanan...

Naked in a forgotten selfish memory...
Wide open doors, windows without bars...
The shadows of a long life to keep solitude at bay...

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Cross that I carry to some distant grave
Lady Misery follows closely to some deep cave
Loneliness that envelops
A trail of broken ives
Dreams never reveled

Heavens left me and hell crept in
Some sinister specter has come in from the cold
Dark angels, dwell at the four corners of my chamber
Deep disenchantment, emptiness seeks to fill dead memories

Cross that I carry to some distant grave
Lady Misery follows closely to some deep cave
Loneliness that envelops
A trail of broken lives
Dreams never reveled

Sinister ghost, grin the hour of your arrival
Cradle the illusion give peace to this shadow
Sinister Mistress, a haunting outcome..

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I have much to write, however, I'll let this say a few thoughts...

A life left in ruin....Only a small life time left for happy deeds....
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