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I am restarting my internet presence. This month, I am working on looking at the elements of effective writing.

I chose this theme at random and am basing my monthly goals on it. As such I am looking for places to begin learning on the topic.

My initial understanding about the topic is that is it more based on inline grammar and sentence structure. Although many of my topics will focus on plot or development, I figure it is safe to start with the actual written words themselves.

What I hope to gain from this topic: Hopefully, by the end of it, my sentences will not be so awkward. I am often told by my critique partners that my sentences get to be too long or unclear. Sometimes the problem is that I use the same sentence structure too often. By the end of the month, I would like a few hints and tips in my pocket to help clear up my narrative delivery.

You can watch my progress through my blog:
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so my husband introduced me to the peach Nehi float tonight.  Go Scouts, and three cheers to HiBoy for saving the three hour drive to Scout camp . . . although maybe a three hour drive would be a good idea.  No phone calls, no computers, no distractions. 
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Today's my first day trying out the Google+.  I was told by a friend that is was just as cool and the next big thing to facebook.  However, I'm finding it difficult to find industry and celebs I want to stalk and few to none of my friends seem to have profiles.  Arg!
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