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Haven't touched the blog in a while. Nothing really to report except my scans remain consistent. Nothing grew and some got better- the doctors were happy. I was getting hives the last two treatments, from the Carboplatin so skipped it this week. I'm a littl...

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Good news....
Have good news to report this New Years! MRI results from Monday was good - none of the tumors grew , some actual shrank. I'm getting along better but still need support and don't drive but at least I can pee on my own! Everyone who sees me says how much be...

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So I know it's been awhile... I've had a rough couple of weeks. Was hospitalized a couple of weeks. Couldn't really move around by myself. But with PT and OT doing much better! I'll have a brain scan next week- so we'll see. Everyone has been terrific, esp ...

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Finally ins approved the increased dose of IT herceptin and I got it yesterday! We' ll see if it helps! Then last night I had a repeat brain MRI - which either it's still just swelling from the radiation or bigger tumors consequently I just had one 3 weeks ...

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Getting back on balance...
So this last week I've been so dizzy and off balance, literally, it's unnerving to me. I need help to walk to the car, I fell 4 times, not bad falls but enough to startle me and Jason, thank Goodness the kids did not see, but I think Tom's onto me. I'm best...

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Finding your path…
I had the repeat Brain MRI 9/3 (last week), I have mixed feelings, first I read the report on my own and was disappointed as the results read "mixed response to numerous intracranial metastases but overall increased FLAIR/mass effect in the posterior fossa ...

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Dr. Seuss's life lessons
So I've been swimming and taking one
day at a time. I'm getting treatment every Wednesday and feel pretty good.
Depending on the week I’ll get Herceptin, Perjeta, Zometa, Intratheical
Herceptin, and Abraxane. I’m tolerating them, just tired and occasional

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Free from fear.....
So I have crappy news as an update this time. Although the intrathecal (IT) herceptin is going well I've been experiencing an increase in shortness of breath with increased movement for the past month or so. I had a chest X-Ray that showed the cancer is bac...

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Still swimming….
 I know I’ve owed you an
update for a while, two things happened that made me procrastinate… I was
feeling very tired from the radiation treatments (I know its been a while since
I stopped but radiation effects happen after) and I lost another good friend a...

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Shake it off…
I had my brain MRI scan last Monday (5/11/15) and although
it looked “better” than last time it still showed those darn tumors. Some
disappeared, others shrunk, but the point is there are still too many. Not real
big yet so blood is still getting around the...
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