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Call for submissions to Plus One Magazine, Issue #1

Want to be published in the first issue of the new Plus One Magazine? Read on!

It's time to start collecting submissions to our first issue. We want to publish it as fast as possible (by July), so the window is not going to be open for too long. You can submit starting today up until May 31. After that, we'll quickly design our first issue and get it to our community.

Here are simple rules -

- any photographer - beginner, advanced, pros and amateurs - is welcome to participate - and from any community - G+, SmugMug, Flickr, 500px, etc.
- the theme of the first issue is "Architecture"
- one submission per person
- B&W and color is welcome. People in the image are OK too
- Your picture should be at least 3,000 pixels on the widest side - or else it won't print well
- Keep your pictures SFW - we want to keep magazine family friendly

Steps to submit -

1. Upload full resolution image to the new gallery here -> (no watermarks or digital frames, please)
2. Upload image to Google+ so we can see you're participating. Please tag it with #PlusOneIssue1
3. Fill out simple form here -

That's it!

We will begin voting on images next week, and selection process will be complete in early June. We hope to get as many submissions as possible, so please spread the word and don't wait on submitting images.

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"Fall Fire"
Photo thoughts--- There is a place where I go in which I just feel at home. It is hard to describe but if any of you have ever felt it before then you know what I am talking about. It is where your spirit feels at home, where everything just feels right, it is that sense of belonging that no other place has and that sense of longing for it when you aren't there. It is hard to put into words unless you have ever felt it and for me, that place is Estes Park, Colorado. This is the place where my heart, soul and creative mind call home.

Photographed on a cool Autumn morning of our photo meetup last year on the shores of Lake Estes, the sky simply turned to fire. I used 2 ND8s, a CPL and a Grad ND to slow the shutter down to almost 14 seconds and in doing so it intensified the light & color. I love the reflection going on here of the sky and clouds in the water. Know what else? I just processed this image this morning, ya I am quite backlogged you can say lol

I hope you all like it!

#natureartthursday curated by +Trisha Standard +Dane Clingan
#allthingsorange curated by +Nina Piccoli +Kenneth Williams
#breakfastclub curated by +Kate Church
#breakfastclub curated by +Gemma Costa
#thirstythursday #thirstythursdaypics curated by +Giuseppe Basile +Mark Esguerra
#longexposurethursday curated by +Le Quoc +Francesco Gola
#plusphotoextract #photoextractplus #colorado #nature #naturephotography #landscape #landscapephotography #sky #sunrise #sunrisephotos

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I told you once we would walk these city streets again
hand in hand and you go and die on me.
I try to make sense of it all
and it still doesn't feel right.
Everything is fucking empty,
people walk like ants and pass me by,
though I'm wearing my invisibility mask, it must be broken.
I hear children laughing and I am comforted by the thought
that I have my two beautiful sons (not yours, because you went and died on me) to save my life.
I am happier now. Sort of.
After all those women and shallow relationships
after all those hotel rooms
the backseats
the loneliness in fucking crowds
the vernissages
my fucking colleagues and their intellectualized shit
I have found love again.
And honey, you're still in my thoughts for evermore.

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And once again my friends a company rips off yours truly's photography!

I am starting to get sick of this, but this one takes the cake.
Are you ready?

Yesterday I was checking out Google images and just glancing over some things with one of my most popular images when I happened upon a record label/production company who apparently thought it would be cool if they used my image for a CD cover on their website. Now this being said I ultimately came to the conclusion that it was more or less a mock up but was rather dismayed that we essentially have an artist stealing from another artist. Not cool.

I posted a facebook update saying how much I love stuff like this to happen (sarcasm) and one of my friends, who is also a fellow photographer posted on this companies facebook business page essentially saying "this image is © John De Bord and is unauthorized.

Are you ready for the response? Are you seriously ready?????
Go have a look at the screen cap.

Sometimes I simply can not find words for things. Probably not the best way to represent yourself as a business huh? Unbelievable.

#copyright #copyrightinfringement #photography #photographydiscussion

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You have a lot of rights to take pictures almost anywhere, but not everywhere

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You must add the "UK Photography Community page" to your circles for us to be able to add you back

Welcome to the +UK Photography Community :)

(all other regional circles will be posted shortly ~ please keep an eye on our stream)

If you would like to be part of the rapidly growing & super friendly +UK

Photography Community & you live "in WALES" :O) .....

Please leave your comments/requests to be added to the WALES Region circle below

Your admin/representative/contact/go to person is +Ted Ward & +Stuart Dyckhoff has also offered to assist if needed.

All levels of photographic experience and enthusiasm are very welcome here, you just need to be based in the UK

If you'd like to see more from our WALES Region we hashtag our posts with #walesuk

Our other regions are using these hashtags

ANGLIA - #angliauk

NORTH WEST - #northwestuk

SOUTH WEST - #southwestuk

SOUTH EAST #southeastuk

NORTH EAST - #northeastuk

SCOTLAND - #scotlanduk

IRLELAND - #irelanduk

MIDLANDS - #midlandsuk

LONDON - #londonuk

If you know someone from the UK please consider sharing this page with them.

We look forward to welcoming you :))
If you are a member of this region please consider sharing this post but close comments so that people are directed back here :) thank you ! X

Heidi +Heidi Anne Morris (South West region)

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RAF Fairwood Common was built in 1941 as a fighter station but was changed soon after opening to a sector station covering the whole of south wales. It took over a year to build as the ground is so boggy.
It was decommissioned in 1946 but lay empty for many years before being leased to Swansea council to use as an airport.
It has had several uses since, but has been empty now for many years. It was recently bought by the Scouts, with plans to renovate.

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Lougher bridge sunset. October 7th, 2009.

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Lougher Bridge sunset. October 7th, 2009.
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