I saw a lot of people complaining about the fact that their friends are not on Google Plus because they think it's boring. Well let me tell you something: Google Plus has now officialy 40million users, so if your friends are not here, YOU should do something! Here's what I recommend (and please share this to help other users too):

LATER EDIT: Show them the fastest way of understanding Google+: (you should probably make the steps 1 to 4 before this)

1. Make an interesting profile
How do you expect your friends to belive that Google Plus is interesting, when your profile doesn't look interesting? So... put up a cool profile photo that you have, some interesting scrapbook photos, some albums and complete your about section in a unique way. I'm sure you can do it!

2. Make them understand Google Plus is really cool
Share interesting things publicly and invite your friends to see them. You have the internet at your fingertips. You can either look for other interesting Google Plus posts and share them, or you can google for funny / interesting / cool / useful / beautiful photos, articles, gifs or websites. You can share some cool YouTube videos or just StumbleUpon until you find something nice and share it publicly.

3. Give them the advantages
Tell them that they can easily edit their posts, they can define and choose exactly who they share their information with and they can lock their posts if they want privacy. Tell them they can follow anyone they find to be interesting without that person feeling awkward because he/she doesn't know who your friend is.

Tell them they can make their own blog out of their profile even if they don't know anything about blogs. Tell them that Google Plus users are more active than other social websites users and your friend's interesting posts will be really appreciated by other users.

Tell them they won't be bombarded with advertisements on Google+ (which is a huge bonus). Even if they do eventually include ads down the road, most likely Google won’t be as much in your face about it.

Tell them that with Google+ comes the ability to easily integrate many great tools and features including Google TV, Maps, Android, Chrome, Docs, and Search.

4. Facebook integration
Tell your friends they can get their facebook albums (How To Import Your Facebook Photos Into G+ - ) and facebook stream (How to add your facebook and twitter stream to g+ - ) over here as well.

5. Give them connections
Now that you convinced them to sign up, you don't just stop here. If they don't follow anybody and just look at their own blank profile, of course they'll think Google Plus is boring. But Google Plus can be whatever you want, depending on what you share and what kind of people you circle. Give your friends some interesting / cool / useful / funny people or even better... circles. Once you give them a few interesting circles to follow, trust me... they're going to love Google Plus! If you don't know what people to recommend, look here for some shared circles:

6. Guide them
Teach your friends how to use google plus. Now, this is very important. If they don't understand it, they probably won't like it. You know that usualy we're afraid of things that we don't understand.
Google plus tips and cheat sheets - ( )
Google+ Guides & Tips For Newbies - ( )

7. Games
If they like browser games get them to play Angry Birds or other Google Plus games that you think they will like. Games are a lot of fun, but be careful though, you might make them addicted to this :)

8. Hangouts
Start some hangouts and chat with your friends. The hangout is a priceless tool. You can join video conference hangouts with countless different groups of people. No matter what your topic of interest, you can bet there’s a hangout somewhere for it.

9. Make them active
Show them how and tell them to post something publicly. Make them engage in conversation with the people they follow by leaving nice/smart/personal opinion comments on their posts. Once they'll get to actively communicate with others, your job it's done.

10. Watch the magic happen!

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