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Bought a CapTel 840I recently.

Only problem I'm having is that the caller id never,I repeat, never shows name,time,and phone number of callers. My CapTel 840I only shows name and time of call. ALL other phones in my house will show name,number,and time of call in their caller ids.

I had this same problem previously with my CapTel 800 also. Ultratec (CapTel's parent company) even sent me an Emerson caller id unit to correct this problem,so it's a known issue with CapTel phones.

Otherwise,it's a great phone! I love the built-in answering machine and the fact that the captions are fully customizable re: size and colors. I like black background with yellow lettering and corrections in cyan. (Light blue.)

Anyone else using CapTel phones?

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This was shared with us by Chris Witte a while back. It deserves a re-post for sure. Do you agree? disagree?

I wonder if the % of left-handed people in the general world population is increasing.

What do you think?

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I formerly attended an OCA parish but am under Ukrainian jurisdiction now.

I'm still an "OCA man" at heart,who believes that the USA needs a united,autocephalous (self-governing),Eastern Orthodox jurisdiction. 
Quick poll.. Do most members of this group belong to OCA Churches or to other Orthodox Churches ?

October 13,2012

Happy National Chess Day! (Passed by US Senate.)

Keep on chessin' !

October 13,2002.

Happy National Chess Day! (Passed by US Senate)

Keep on chessin' !

Is there a "user manual" out there somewhere for Chromemote?
Looks interesting so far! I like the fact I can "fling" or throw a website from my MacMini to my Google TV.

Want to learn more. 

Has anyone been able to load any of the major browsers (Safari,Firefox,Opera) to Google TV?

If not,are there any plans to make versions of them that are compatible for GTV?

(Owner of 24" GTV)

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Any plans to make YR videos playable on GoogleTV?
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