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Timothy J. Meyer
Vagabond. Iconoclast. Sellstory.
Vagabond. Iconoclast. Sellstory.

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New #Worldblogger  post!
This week, I discuss which Norse gods I'll be including!

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Gods and Magic
“ I
think,” he ventured tentatively, “I have a handle on this magic
thing.” Today, I'm
gonna discuss the magic system for my Norse setting, as it applies to
the available classes. With the wise council of both my commenter,
I've modified my previous views c...

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New #Worldblogger  post!
More general brainstorming about Viking, Yggdrasil and the virtues of trade and exploration over pillage and plunder.

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Exploring Exploration
there's an interesting discussion occurring in the comments of
yesterday's Worldblogger about the Norseness and inclusion of arcane
magic and specifically the wizard in the theoretical campaign
setting. Please, share your thoughts on the matter dow...

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Believe it or not, new blog post! #Vikings

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Everything's Better With Vikings
giants are cool. Vikings are cool. Norse mythology is cool. How come
there's no truly Norse campaign setting? Least case, not one I've
heard of. Worldblogger
to the rescue! The
advantage of creating a themed campaign setting comes from how
limiting I'...

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New #Worldblogger post!
Welcome to Kogr, orc stronghold!

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Last Week's Poll: What should I name the fortress? Winner: Kogr Without further ado, then, may I present... KOGR Orc Stronghold Welcome to the shattered ruins of Kogr! Whatever this fortress's original name may have been, it has long been forgotten by its c...

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New #Worldblogger  post!
This week, I draw an orc fortress!

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Ruin + Stronghold
Last Week's Poll: What should I worldbuild next? Winner: Ruin or Stronghold This week, I took the poll's advise and sketched out a ruin or a stronghold for today's Worldblogger. Because I'm an indecisive son of a bitch, I decided to actually combine them an...
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