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Well done  and well said..much better. Isn't it ?
Well done without saying. What about that ?
What is with the words when there's no action...useless..
ha ha  that i heard when theyre asking how my steak to cook
A great quote. Maybe well said first, then well done.
no well done then it would be well said!
True,well done
that's right action matters not reaction.
Wow! what a beautiful life xperience for lady(ies) who can have such guy (s), but this can only be found in few guys.
Good line, though sometimes I think well said is work well done. 
i gotta say well said about this line^^
Actions speak louder than words......well done (action) than well said.
Saying can change what u want to do. Food for thought

do you have to take credit for it if you did it well?
Play on words...cause it can b said bt too follow through tht is a accomplishment!

Good one! Because we already know that actions speak louder than words! 
doing is notr easier than saying...
That really depends, a broken hearted guy can be cheered up by a well said words from her best friend and the best well done moves she can offer. 
If such a guy found who can better done rather than keep saying I may change my attitude about marriage some day!!
That's right" action speaks louder than words"
unless what you are doing is talking/writing
That is Great motivation!!!
A Young
Words of Wisdom spoken to those who have ears to hear and a heart of giving.
Well said wont get you to Heaven, but WELL DONE will.  If we do His commandments.  "Well done, good and faithful servant."
Megan A
Well what if the saying is the doing. Words can be very powerful.
No greater words have been spoken
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