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Rare African Penguin Chicks Hatch at California Aquarium

Biologists from the California Academy of Sciences excitedly announced that two African Penguin chicks have recently hatched, as part of the aquarium’s Species Survival Plan program. 

Hatched just days apart on November 1 and November 4, the two chicks, whose sexes will be announced in the coming days, are currently nesting with their parents behind-the-scenes and will soon go through what biologists refer to as “fish school.” There, they will learn to become proficient swimmers and grow comfortable eating fish hand-fed from a biologist to prepare them for twice-daily public feedings once they join the colony on exhibit.

The Academy’s new chicks are the second and third to be hatched from white-banded father ‘Robben’ and white-banded mother ‘Ty’, a recommended breeding pair due to their genetically valuable gene pools. On average, it takes one year for African Penguins to lose their juvenile plumage and develop their tuxedo-like appearance. For now, the chicks are fluffy, grey, and spending important bonding time with their parents, behind-the-scenes. The Academy plans to hold a naming contest for the chicks, once they are on public exhibit in late January.
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