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Want to know the secret of Asian business expansion? Discover this tips and your company might be on its way to become multinational.

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How The Gamers Video Archive is Working To Promote Your Videos! 
Update: Our Pinterest Board is now live! If you'd like to submit a video for promotion please see this post:
Both our Pinterest board and Twitter channel have links from the about section of the community for quick navigation.
Our Twitter Channel:
And our newly created Pinterest Board:

Content promoted to the Pinterest board will be promoted thru our Twitter channel, as well as other relevant social channels across the web.
Note to our members: Please make a conscious effort to engage with other community members and their posts here. You owe it to each other to support each other! Just as you want people to take notice of your content, so do others. Sharing is caring! Engagement is also what drives visibility on the modern social web.

Our upcoming promotion of community members, their posts, and corresponding Youtube channels, will be reserved only for active members who follow our community guidelines. In the coming days, you will find links for the new Pinterest Board and Twitter Account from the About section of this community.

NOTE Regarding Eligibility:
1. You must be an actively engaged community member. This means you should be engaging with others posts in the community from time to time. Those posting and running will not be considered for promotion.

2. If your posts are being flagged as spam, you're out! You should make each of your posts to one place only. If you're posting the same thing to multiple communities, Google will flag all your posts as spam, and you will lose all visibility as a result. When posts are flagged by Google, they're put into a spam folder and removed from the view of community members entirely, until a moderator reviews them and either approves or disapproves them. If you're reported for spamming, you could get suspended from the community, or worse, your account itself suspended by Google.

3. Please review and follow all rules contained in our community guidelines here:

4. Posts with good quality descriptions will get first priority!

We're working to help promote you, and we have the marketing power to do so! But, we need you all to help yourselves as well, and make sure you're playing by the rules. Both Google and this community reward content creators for being honest. Those who cheat lose, so don't do it.

There's a lot of people here, so for those who actually took the time to read this, you're welcome to request we include you in our promotional efforts by responding to this post. All requests will be handled on a first come, first serve, basis.

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We know the big 'N' can be a stickler on their rules which is why we post less 'N" let's play than any others... BUT there are great games over there and Pokken Tournament is one of them! Since day one of being introduced to Pokemon, gamers have dreamed of this battle and finally have it here!

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Hey guys, I am a massive fan of Crash Bandicoot and I have been waiting to do this video for a long time, but I was waiting for the right opportunity and I think the moment landed recently when they announced that Crash Bandicoot was being remastered for the PS4. Here is a video that looks at why the original trilogy is still awesome. Warning you may want to play Crash Bandicoot after watching this video.

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Customising my R34 in Need For Speed No Limits :) #nfs #r34 #gtr
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