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Patrick Rothfuss
If Rasputin and a Muppet had a baby, it would look like me.
If Rasputin and a Muppet had a baby, it would look like me.

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Devi is going up against Harry Dresden in a cage match. The storytelling is cool, and the voting is pretty close if you want to go check it out....

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Going to do a rare, daylight stream of Numenera, folks. (A game a wrote a part of.)

Tune in and watch me explore this weird world and poke at alien technologies with a stick.

Also, you can follow my channel so and set it up so you'll get a heads-up when I stream in the future....

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I'm doing a late-night stream of Torment: Numenera. A game I helped write.

Hoping to meet the character I wrote for the game: Rhin.

Feel free to come over and watch....

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Hey guys, I wrote a part of a game.

It just came out today, and it's getting some pretty good reviews....

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Wrote a blog about Tak....

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Lovely article about the Worldbuilders fundraiser, and the stretch goal that Neil Gaiman recorded for us.

There's only two days left on the fundraiser. Spread the word....

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Might be the last livestream in a while. I'll be doing Q&A, making announcements, and kvetching about the narrative design choices of Witcher 3.

A good time will be had by all. 

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Hey there everyone:

Today, starting at 1:00 (CST) I'm going to be doing a livestream where I talk with Justin and Travis McElroy about our experience being geek dads.

If you click that link, you can follow the stream, and you'll get a notification when we go live.

We'll be telling stories, sharing tricks we've learned, and answering parenting questions in the chat.

Come join us, a good time will be had by all....

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Worldbuilders has passed 1.7 million dollars.

We are geeks of all creeds and a nations, coming together to make the world a better place.

We are still matching all donations, and we have auctions ending tonight.

Stop by and take a look. Donate. Change the world.

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This week's charity auctions are ending in about an hour....

Of particular note are the authors, editors, and agents who are offering their services to read and critique unpublished manuscripts.

If you're a writer, you should go check them out. Or if you know a writer who might be interested, you should drop them a line and clue them in.

Auctions start closing at 7:00 CST....

Thanks for helping to spread the word.
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