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#ifihadglass I'd use it to goof off at conventions and book festivals I'm attending. I'd also use it to do research while revising The Doors of Stone.
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The size of that manuscript is encouraging!  :0)
#ifihadglass  i would use it during all those long and boring college classes that just repeat the same stuff over and over
That's an old school keyboard :-)
So... how does one become one of those addressed in your cover letter there? ;)
+Patrick Rothfuss I don't know why but I was envisioning your manuscript as a big handwritten tome bound in leather. Imagine my disappointment. Funny how my brain links fantasy to some old school style writing :-) 
Just enough low res to keep us squinting at the first page. That's cold Patrick 
Some day I hope to be awesome and lucky enough to be a beta reader.
Yes. I am a cruel god. I bathe in your frustrated tears...
Looking forward to reading the next novel!
Is this the first reveal of the title of the third book?!?! If it had been mentioned elsewhere I must have missed it. Squee!!!!
In my case, I'll have to wait much longer to read because I can not read very well in English, and I prefer an original translation into Spanish. But still, I'm glad to know that it is under review, in Mexico look cravings concluded his great trilogy and his new works, of course.
i have a hard time seeing as if you win you get to pay 1500 bucks to buy one... But my vote goes to you :)
Is that a model M?  I love mechanical keyboards.
Love your keyboard. I have the same type, just in a space saver edition (without the numpad).
My husband recognizes the model M and says, "Best keyboard ever".
Mark A
That is a sweet keyboard you have there!
Most exciting thing seen this week: PS4 announcement? HTC One announcement? Google Glass video? Bungie game reveal?  Nope. This picture.
Given my absence of photograph x-ray vision I'm wondering what the yellow liquid in the glass is. Looks like a beer mug, but I know Pat isn't an avid drinker. Celebrating a finished manuscript draft, or apple juice?
Wow! That's a bit of a tome-and-a-half ;P
That right there is a lovely sight... also, +1 for the classic mechanical keyswitch 'board... 
There aren't many pictures that bring a grown man to tears, this isn't one of them but it sure is close. 
that is a lot of paper
I support +Patrick Rothfuss getting one wholeheartedly! I just hope you don't have to pawn anything important or take out any blood loans to pay for it!
I'm totally stealing your cover letter, verbatim, the next time I ask anybody to beta something I've written. Not that this will happen anytime soon, as I'm hopefully heading into a PhD program so I can become a perpetual student of nursing science, but still. 

Ok, so I'm not gonna steal it, but I like the idea. :)
No, please ... don't write out the manuscript. I would hate it if I had to wait another long, long, long, really ong period of time ... LOL
That's quite an antique keyboard you have there.
My pants feel funny and I don't care how
Am i the only one who read that page?
Who do I have to kill, lay or proofread to get that hefty tome? 
Very interesting!  I'm sorry to say that I don't know your books, +Patrick Rothfuss.  I'm seeing this post in What's Hot and Recommended.  However, the application of glass sounds super cool! 
+Patrick Rothfuss I want it.... but then I don't .  It would be great to get an early peek, but I think I'll wait for the finished product.  Unless you want to send me one.  
2 shims saying only the first page is actually printed on.
If you do zoom in btw, You can see that the top page is only an introductory note from Pat, probably to his proof readers.
That's the news we were all waiting for! 
Pat, you go! That is my favorite picture today! I bet you are excited too, and as many others have pointed out, great keyboard! Now let's get you a glass hehe
Mr. Rothfuss I would happily trade you my best friend's soul for an ARC when it's ready. Alas, my own soul is already mortgaged..
*Note that this would in no way stop me from buying a published hard copy as well as an ebook version for travel.
That is the most beautiful stack of paper I have seen in a very long time.
I like that you version it. Also liking the keyboard. Cherry browns?
I'm loving the old school IBM.  Mechanical knuckle pound
Positive Click Keyboard?  BEST.  KEYBOARD.  IN.  CREATION.
Google, give this man a Glass. NOW! Anything to get Doors of Stone faster!
Hi Pat. Is that the keyboard upon which you tap out your masterpiece?
If i look closely enough, i can just about read it..
Keep doin' you Pat.  I find the glimpses into your process very exciting.
Damn you Rothfuss, so close but so far
The sheer amount of excitement I am feeling right now!!!
Hadn't checked the interweeb for news on Doors of Stone for a while. Hate getting my hopes up.... and then suddenly there it is, already out and about, being read by privileged eyes. Can't (but must, alas) wait for the printed word. Elated, waiting, anticipating... want to change my goodreads status from "to-read" to "read"!!!
First ... Awesome :)
Second ... How do you still have a functional keyboard from the 80s?
That keyboard is an IBM Model M. They use buckling-spring switches in the keys, each rated for something like one hundred million keystrokes. In short, they don't wear out.
Need a proofreader?  I'm available, and my fee is very competitive.  In fact, this one is on me.  Just G+ message me.  :)=
+Kevin Akey, they last forever.  I still have 2 model M keyboards in regular service.   ... However, finding USB-to-PS2 adapters and PCs that supply enough juice to operate them has become somewhat of a challenge.  But as long as my heart is still pumping, I will use my mad electronic skills to keep my Model Ms relevant.
Awesome manuscript! Ya falta menos para The Doors of Stone!
I still remember when you showed your first version of TWMF, I think it was a pile of paper four times that size lol
no se si me entenderan pero estoy desando leerme el 3º los 2 primeros me encantaron
Hi Patrick, thanks for applying! We’d like to invite you to join our #glassexplorers program. We’ll be sending you a private message with more details in the coming weeks -- keep an eye on our stream at Project Glass.
Patrick!! I love you!! jajjajaja it will be a great book!! Sure!! jajajaja if you send me a copy, I will help you!! jeje :P thanks for your time, it must be're a great writer :)
i wanto ton know, when u gonna publish it? i've been waiting for this book a year :D!!
Es freut mich sehr, dass es schon voran geht mit dem neuen Teil, dennoch würde ich echt gerne mal wissen, wann denn endlich mal ein neuer Teil raus kommt, weil ich echt verzweifle haha
I read all of Game of Thrones while I've been waiting for this one...  I might have to stoop as low as watching the TV series as well if I have to wait much longer.
jajajja I'm reading A Feast for Crows waiting the last book, before this I read MIlenium trilogy, stieg larsson, it's amazing!! realy better than  Game of trones TV series, and something  for refresh your style
E-reading then audio-booking in looping succession until The Doors of Stone is released. Thank you.
Judging from that keyboard, we can deduce that this photo was taken in 1989.
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