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Patrick Rothfuss
If Rasputin and a Muppet had a baby, it would look like me.
If Rasputin and a Muppet had a baby, it would look like me.


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Rare daylight livestream.


Happening now.

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Hey there everybody. I'm going to try livestreaming the original fallout game with my little boy today. Starting right about now.

It's a big experiment. Not sure how it will go...

But feel free to tune in if you're interested...

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Going to be doing some livestreaming today, starting around 5:00 CST.

I'll be answering questions, telling stories, and talking about the 10th Anniversary edition of The Name of the Wind. I'll probably show off some of the new Tak stuff we're producing, too.

And maybe I'll play a game, too, if the people who show up are interested in that.

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What does a cow have to do with spare change?

My son explains how it all works in today's blog. (Which also includes a new Oot video.)

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They're doing a giveaway of some signed copies of NOTW over here if anyone out there is interested....

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Just a couple days left on this kickstarter....

They're offering a special game piece based off me: The Bardbarian.

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There are elections today. You can check out my blog to see if there's any near you....

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Devi is going up against Harry Dresden in a cage match. The storytelling is cool, and the voting is pretty close if you want to go check it out....

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Going to do a rare, daylight stream of Numenera, folks. (A game a wrote a part of.)

Tune in and watch me explore this weird world and poke at alien technologies with a stick.

Also, you can follow my channel so and set it up so you'll get a heads-up when I stream in the future....

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I'm doing a late-night stream of Torment: Numenera. A game I helped write.

Hoping to meet the character I wrote for the game: Rhin.

Feel free to come over and watch....
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