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Jimi Remick (Clevelandpoet)
The Ron Jeremy of nerd references
The Ron Jeremy of nerd references

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according to my mapmyfitness app I've worked out 500 times since August 2014

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I don't know any sane person who (no matter what phrase the art contains) has thought they should write or do anything to something in a museum

Coworker walks into the break room at 8 and sticks a big piece of fried chicken in the microwave. She sits down with a ziploc bag of hot sauce and eats the chicken. During the slurpy eating of said chicken she talks about how her stomach hurts all the time but she doesn't know why.

day 22 straight of a month of +DDPYOGA in the books.

day 15 of a month of +DDPYOGA in.

Woke up at 5:30 to get my exercise in. Who am i?

so my proof copy of my poetry book just shipped. #SelfPublishing #Ack
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